BFS Set Rep Log App - for Phone and Computer


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BFS has a subscription plan for every size team, class or school. 

New low price per athlete; from 1 to 1000!

Now you can get BFS's famous Set-Rep Log system for your computer, tablet, and phone.  

You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app.

  • Predefined weekly schedules included with recommended lifts for all common sports
  • Customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day.  Add any lifts you want.
  • Coaches or administrators can see all teams and athletes at a glance, including scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team
  • Athletes can enter their own scores on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they've broken and their trends
  • Easy to scroll back and see what you did for any lift any week in the past
  • No restriction on the number of coaches in any version.  The only difference between versions is the number of athletes that can be enrolled in the program and enter their workout data (see below for upgrading to more athletes after you purchase)
  • Keep your weight room electronics safe with the BFS Tech Protector

This is a web browser based application and does not immediately download and install.  Within two business days after ordering, you will receive an email with the links to allow access to your account administration.  As the administrator, you can then set up and enroll your coaches and athletes via email from within your account.

This program requires a connection to the internet and an email address for each administrator, coach and athlete (emails can be any valid email address from your school, Gmail, Yahoo, your internet provider, etc.).  The program runs in any standard web browser on computers (PC and Mac), tablets, or smart phones.  You can access the program and your data from anywhere you have access to the internet, but if you don't have internet access you can't run the program and you can't see your data.

The price shown is a yearly subscription, and must be renewed each year to retain access to the program and to any data you've entered.

Within two business days after ordering, you will receive an email with the links to allow access to your account administration.  As the administrator, you can set up and enroll your coaches and athletes via email.

You can upgrade to a version with more athletes at any time for just the difference in price between the two versions. However, you will be charged the full price for the additional athletes, but their yearly subscription will expire at the end of your one year subscription along with the original athletes.  Upgrades are available through our eStore, or call 800-628-9737 to speak to one of our staff and they will take care of you.

Just like our Set-Rep Log books, the program (overseen by the coaches) guides each athlete in which lifts to do, and how many sets and reps to do each week.  But the weight lifted for each set is determined by the individual athlete based on their past performance for that lift.  If you want a complete computer-generated workout, along with Top 10 Lists, Power Rankings, Ironman Rankings, all based on the BFS Set-Rep system, you may want to look at our Beat the Computer Pro Computer Program.

Follow this three part video series to get started using the BFS Set Rep Log App