Torque M-SERIES CABLE- 5 Stack Multi-Jungle


Torque M-SERIES CABLE- 5 Stack Multi-Jungle - MJ4-APS

  • Model:  MJ4-APS
  • 5 Stack

The M line of Multi-Jungles were designed to unify the architecture, componentry, aesthetics and quality of the Torque Fitness Selectorized and free weight lines. With eight individual stations to choose from, and the ability to configure them in unlimited ways, the scalability and customization is endless. Multiple stations easily allow several users to work out simultaneously and to move efficiently from station to station.

Included in the MJ5 package are the Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Adjustable Pulley, Triceps Push Down, and Adjustable Pulley Station.   Optional shrouds are available and station configurations can be customized. 

Torque M-Series Brochure