BFS Online Certification Course


Congratulations on signing up for the Online WRSC Certification course. This online course consists of following the 6 Instructional Videos and Supporting Documents. This course is then followed by an online test portion which must be passed in order to receive your certification.

Step 1: Certification Registration 

Or download and complete the Certification Registration Form pdf.

Step 2: Download Course Documents

Course Attendance Document

Course Attendance Confirmation

Download the pdf Completed document must be returned to: with the Subject: WRSC Course Confirmation.

Completion-Icon Certification Completion Guide

Download the pdf. Keep this guide handy as you move through the course and complete your test to receive your certificate.

WRSC Certification Booklet WRSC Presentation Booklet 

Download the pdf. This reference guide will help you to understand and follow the concepts laid out in the WRSC Online Certification.

Safety and Liability ManualBFS Safety and Liability Manual

Download the pdf. This book will look at further issues and actions you can take to make your weight room safer in order to reduce liability.

Step 3: Course Videos

All six course videos must be watched in their entirety to qualify for your WRSC Certificate. Use the Course Attendance Confirmation document to track your progress.

Video 1- 4
Sec 1: BFS Introduction and General Overview 
Sec 2: Safety and Liability  
Sec 3: Total Program Implementation & Student Pre-Assessment
Sec 4: Goals for student/athlete involvement & program development

Video 5-8
Sec 5: Six Absolutes of Safety and Proper Technique 
Sec 6: Dynamic warm up - Dot Drill
Sec 7: Range of Motion, Mobility and Flexibility 
Sec 8: Blueprint of implementation

Video 9-11
Sec 9: Box Squat (Hands On Portion)
Sec 10: Parallel Squat (Hands On Portion)
Sec 11: Towel Bench

Video 12-14
Sec 12: Bench Press
Sec 13: Hex Bar Deadlift (Hands On Portion)
Sec 14: Power Clean (Hands On Portion)

Video 15-16
Sec 15: Weight Room Safety, Equipment Layout and Maintenance
Sec 16: Program Recording Details - Readiness, Sets/Reps and Motivation

Video 17-22
Sec 17: Auxiliary Lifts: Rules & Sport Specific Lifts
Sec 18: Plyometrics
Sec 19: Agility
Sec 20: Speed
Sec 21: Conditioning
Sec 22: Closing

The WRSC Study guide portion of the certification is available here

Click For WRSC Study Guide

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