Custom Top 5 Board

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Special Introductory Price $699.00
Total Price of $919.00 Includes Shipping

The Custom Top Five Board is 4 Feet Wide by 3 Feet 5 Inches High
  • Customize Your Top 5 Board to Fit the Needs of Your School or Team
    Click Here for Custom Color Chart
  • Choose Colors for the Following:
    1. Backboard
    2. Title header
    3. Category Header
    4. Striping
    5. Text (Title and Categories)
      Click Here for Custom Color Chart
  • Choose Text for the Following:
    1. Title Text (Example: East Side High Cougars)
    2. Category Text (5 Categories, Example: Squat, GPA, Attendance, 40 Yard Dash)
  • Moveable Name Plates:
    1. Each Top 5 Board is Mounted with 50 Name Plates
      (Additional Items Included: 5 Extra Name Plates)


This Board Must be Fastened with Proper Hardware to a Drywall/Wooden Wall,
or Bolted with Lug Bolts to a Concrete Wall
(Custom Boards Usually Ship in 2 to 4 Weeks)