Defender Double Half Rack

SKU: 5US1032

USA Strength and Performance Double Half Racks offer plenty of space for squatting, benching and auxiliary exercises while offering storage too. All USA equipment comes with different color options for powder coating. 

Our Defender Rack Series is designed to assist programs with smaller budgets without sacrificing safety or rack abilities. It hosts our EcoSlide latch system, much like our Paradigm Series PowerSlide Latch and Track System, but with an industrial grade 5/8" pop-pin assembly. A quick pull of the pin and glide to the desired height reduces down time and the risk of a loaded bar being dropped or placed onto a spotter's hands. 

  • Fully welded Side Frames
  • 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel
  • Only four parts; 12 bolt assembly
  • EcoSlide Latch System; Pop-Pin Adjustments
  • Top to Bottom 2” Adjustment Settings
  • Single Bar Pull-Up (Standard)
  • J-Hooks (Included)
  • Safety Rails (Included)
  • Polymer Bar Protection
  • Ten Solid Steel, Angled, Through Entire Tube Welded, Plastic Protected Plate Horns
  • Floor Mount Tabs
  • Custom Color Options