PAVIGYM Endurance Athletic Flooring



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PAVIGYM remains the only gym flooring manufacturer exclusively dedicated to the health club industry, a specialisation that gives PAVIGYM the knowledge and experience to create optimal gym flooring solutions for each specific activity.

Endurance Pavigym Fitness Mats

We offer flooring of incredible strength and superior performance.
Endurance is designed specifically for functional training rooms and weight training zones using medium weights of up to 50 kg.
This surface, made of high-density virgin rubber, is notable for its high resistance to heavy impact and ability to absorb the noise this generates. Moreover, it offers increased resistance to marks and deterioration caused by wear and equipment use.

Endurance S&S

The Endurance range includes a special, thicker version, called "S & S", which offers increased protection of the floor below and improved noise and vibration absorption for those gyms that require that extra bit of resistance. This model, like the rest of Pavigym flooring, is available in a wide variety of finishes and customisation options to offer a unique, incomparable product.

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