Serve Rite Racquet


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Master the Continental Grip in minutes! The patent pending Serve Rite Racquet is a game-changer. One of the biggest challenges in tennis is learning the Continental Grip so players can hit slice and kick second serves, add more power to their first serve, learn to volley without changing grips, hit backspin or slice groundstrokes, drop shots and defensive lobs!

The best feature of this racquet is that it’s easy to use - just place your hand on the molded handle and watch your game transform! Getting a feel for the Continental Grip just become EASY!

This product is great for coaches and parents helping their children. Parents and clubs can save money on lessons and improve faster. The Serve Rite Racquet is a practice tool that can keep more players improving and therefore can keep more players playing tennis!

NOTE: This is the first model to be produced. It is 23 inches long, designed for juniors, and is only for right-handed players. If the response is good, we will gladly invest in molds for left-handed players and ALSO adult full-sized racquets! Your feedback is appreciated!