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BFS is working closely with all parties to keep updated on the constantly changing circumstances while respecting health and safety concerns.
We maintain contact with our customers on shipping lead times and product availability on orders placed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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All sold in sets of 12 Balls

12” NFHS APPROVED, poly core, optic yellow leather cover COR 47, COMP 375 SPC12-YL 

11”, NFHS APPROVED poly core, optic yellow leather cover, COR 47, COMP 375. SPC11-YL 

Official 12”, “NFHS APPROVED”, optic yellow leather cover, cork core, raised seam, COR. 47, COMP 375.  SY112L

Official 11”, “NFHS APPROVED”, optic yellow leather cover, cork core, raised seam, COR. 47, COMP 375.  SY111L

12”, poly core, optic yellow, syn. leather, COR 47 COMP 375 SPC12-Y

11”, poly core, optic yellow syn. leather, COR 47 COMP 375 SPC11-Y  

11”, optic yellow syntex leather cover, flexible sponge rubber core, excellent indoor/outdoor training ball. SB111-Y 

12”, optic yellow syntex leather cover, flexible sponge rubber core, excellent indoor/outdoor training ball. SB112-Y 

12”, cork core, optic yellow syn. leather, COR 47, COMP 375 SY12 

11”, cork core, optic yellow syn. leather, COR 47, COMP 375 SY11