Torque Tank - Tank Locking Kit (Quantity 2)



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Torque Tank - Tank Locking Kit (Quantity 2) - XTLK

  • 2  4′ combination cable locks
  • Secures Plates to TANK
  • Also see XT270TK

The mechanism in the TANK resists your pushing and pulling force by braking the wheels.  Torque recommends 270 lb to give the TANK the weight to keep the tires from locking up and skidding at levels 3 and 4 on various surfaces.  The locking kit allows you to secure three 45 lb grip plates to each weight peg of the TANK.  This ensures your TANK will be equipped with the proper downward force when any member uses it and allows your trainers to easily remove the weights if they wish to move the TANK to a different area.  The combination locking cables route through the spokes of the grip plates and around the frame immobilizing the plates from being removed.

Note:  Weight plates not included.  See XT270TK for a kit that includes weight with the cables.  Grip plates must be used for these cables.