Glute and Ham Developer


Not all Glute Ham Developers are created equal and the ValorPRO CB-29 Glute and Ham Developer is a standout. If you are looking for peak muscle recruitment of your GHD’s then you have found your machine. The CB-29 allows athletes to strengthen the gluteus and hamstrings to meet the functional requirements of a variety of athletic sports. Built for strength and durability, the CB-29 is constructed of solid steel with rear wheels for mobility. The padding is made up of high density foam to stand up to wear and tear in both home and commercial environments. The split pad design is ideal for recruiting multiple muscles and/or isolation exercises. Foot rest adjusts horizontally and vertically to fit individuals of a variety of sizes. If you need added resistance, two band pegs are included with multiple insertion points or you can grab one of your plates off of the plate storage on the rear of the machine.

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