VKR/Chin UP/Push Up Stand


The CA-15 VKR rack has multiple uses. A variety of pull up stations allows the user to find the grip that best fits their hands. Works arms, shoulders in a pulling motion. Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) station wedges the user into the back pad allowing the elbows to be positioned securely next to the body while raising the knees. Works abs, hips and legs.

Attached to the VKR are two dip handles raised high enough off the floor for foot clearance. Works triceps and shoulders in a pushing motion. There are two long push up bars along the bottom allowing the user to find their desired angle for push-ups. Works the arms and chest in a pushing motion. User can turn around and perform seated dips taking some of the body weight load off their arms. Works triceps. Sit up station allows the user to securely lock their feet in position and perform sit ups. Works abs.

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