Valor Ab Sling


The Valor Fitness ABS-7 Ab Sling is an essential fitness tool targeting abdominal and lower back muscles. Constructed with reinforced padded nylon, trimmed with double stitch piping and capped off with solid steel hardware for added strength the ABS-7 can attach to most locations using the quick snap Carabiner by attaching to the solid steel triangle buckle. The 14” length allows plenty of room for one’s head to stay clear of the location where attached. Designed with comfort in mind, the 7” loop support disperses pressure around the arm while hanging in place. Simply attach the Slings to your desired location, slide your arms into the slings close to your arm pits, bring your hands around and grab the straps leading up to the carabiner hook. Best results if you can freely dangle your body so all weight is being supported by the slings (500 max load capacity per pair). Raise knees to desired height, repeat.