Squat Stands


The Valor Fitness BD-3 Squat Stands were designed for the Squat movement but can be used as Bench Press Stands with a standard bench size of 18” from floor to top of pad, allowing the user to be able to reach the bar.  

Constructed of high quality 12-gauge steel with a 2” x 2” solid frame, it was designed intentionally for the weight load of up to 350lbs to be directed downward, providing more stability.  With its adjustable base ranging from 20” to 28”, it becomes a wider base, making this piece of equipment exceptionally stable.  Uprights provide a wide range of height adjustments for the user, from a minimum of 41” from floor to a maximum height of 64.75” with 10 adjustment heights.

Each upright includes the bar latch feature, which secures the bar to the upright while changing out the plates. Likewise, the Safety bar catches provide a minimum height of 19.75” from the floor to a maximum height of 31.75” with 7 adjustment positions. Space saving is key with this piece of equipment, so it is perfect for any home or commercial gym as the uprights nest for effective storage.