The BFS Set/Rep Logbook Goes High Tech 

August 11, 2015

Technology has become an integral part of the high school educational system, such that many classes don’t have books or handouts. This is the inspiration for the set-rep app that can be used for a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Before getting into the details of this BFS Set/Rep Log App, let’s look at why BFS believes that logbooks are so important.  

One hallmark of workouts that are successful in making athletes bigger, faster and stronger is a thoughtful balancing of all aspects of conditioning. A big part of the success of BFS over the past four decades can be attributed to the BFS Set-Rep Logbook. It’s a training tool that has proven essential in managing the challenges of working with young, multisport athletes. Besides helping athletes fulfill their physical potential, there are also psychological benefits.

A research study that looked at the psychological benefits of using the BFS program was conducted at Dulaney High School in Timonium, Maryland. The personality test administered was the Piers-Harris 2, which provides insight into an individual’s self-concept and is often used to help identify at-risk youth. 

Psychologist David Schlenoff found that the girls using the BFS workout experienced significant improvements in many areas that fell under the category of happiness, such as cheerfulness. During this period of evaluation Dulaney’s athletic teams experienced success virtually across-the-board for both boys and girls sports, including a state championship. With such results, Dulaney took the next step and integrated the BFS program into their curriculum as a for-credit class.

With the advancement of technology and the push for integrated PE program, BFS set about developing an app for the BFS Set Rep Logbook

By basing the app on the web, we would be able to offer this software across any device or operating system with a web browser. Under the direction of BFS clinicians, pilot schools were recruited to ensure the app worked smoothly. After a year of testing the app was ready to launch.

The app keeps the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books while providing the management functions and portability of a phone app. Predefined weekly schedules are included with recommended core and auxiliary lifts for all major high school sports. However, you can customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day, and add any lifts you want.

Coaches or administrators will love this app because they can see the essential data on their teams and athletes at a glance. Such data includes scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team. Likewise, athletes can enter their own scores on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they’ve broken and their performance trends. It’s also easy to scroll back and see what you did for any lift any week in the past. 

The BFS Set/Rep Log App requires a connection to the Internet and an email address for each administrator, coach and athlete. The program runs in any standard web browser on computers (PC and Mac), tablets, or smart phones. The program is provides as a yearly subscription, and there are no restrictions on the number of teams in any version.

Just like our Set-Rep Log books, the program (overseen by the coaches) guides each athlete in which lifts to do, and how many sets and reps to do each week. The weight lifted for each set is determined by the individual athlete based on their past performance for that lift.  If you want a complete computer-generated workout, along with Top 10 Lists, Power Rankings, Ironman Rankings, all based on the BFS Set-Rep system, you should invest in the BFS Beat the Computer Pro Computer Program.

The BFS Total Program is so popular among coaches and PE teachers because it ensures that progress can be made every single workout. More specifically, it enables every athlete to make personal records, often several personal records, every single workout – even in-season. And now, with the BFS Set/Rep Log App, you can take your workouts into the computer age.

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