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High School weight rooms to championship building training programs - Physical education or Athletics BFS does it all! 

For over 40 Years BFS has been providing the very best in strength and athletic training to athletes from all walks of life. High school coaches and athletes know us the go-to resource for building championship quality programs. Physical Education departments love the safe and effective seminars that improve the development of all students.
Our weight room design and equipment knowledge is second to none and we can help you build your dream facility on budget and on time!

Being your best.

Steve Kinslow September 02, 2020

Being your best.

BFS and the Total Program is based around the the concept of the "11" athlete. We have identified 11 components to being a successful student athlete - on the field of play and in the school and social environment too. To get an overview at the teachers and coaches level of how these factors weave together when building a program follow our free mini course for coaches 11 Steps to a Championship Program

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Training Tools You Need:  The True Squat App

Steve Kinslow August 24, 2020

Training Tools You Need: The True Squat App

With the True Squat, the spotters can focus on their jobs of spotting and offering encouragement without having to assess the depth of each repetition. If the athlete is squatting alone, preferably inside a power rack, they will know whether or not they are performing the lift correctly. Also, this ensures that records made in the squat are accurate – there will not be any questionable “high” lifts passed.

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Get Nutrition Safely!

Steve Kinslow August 18, 2020

Get Nutrition Safely!

One of the greatest marketing ideas in the fitness industry was the invention of the term “energy drink.” The word “energy” sounds much more positive than “sugary sweet,” the primary characteristic of those liquid formulas, which often cost several dollars and often have exactly the same content as soft drinks (with perhaps a bit more caffeine). Let’s take a closer look at the problematic ingredients of most energy drinks, and some healthy alternatives.

A major ingredient in many energy drinks is refined sugar; more specifically, high fructose corn syrup. While it’s true that carbohydrates are used as the primary energy source by athletes preparing for their sports, high fructose corn syrup raises insulin levels quickly and then causes a crash in energy shortly after. What’s more, this type of sugar is linked to type-II diabetes, obesity, cancer, and of course dental decay. 

Then there’s caffeine, another common ingredient in energy drinks. Because caffeine is found in sodas and coffee, it is unquestionably the most used drug in the world. Although there are benefits to taking caffeine before workouts, there are also some precautions to consider. First, some individuals cannot tolerate caffeine well, and any overuse may result in dramatic and undesirable side effects. What is overuse? Consider that while an average soft drink may have 45 mg of caffeine and a cup of coffee 85, some energy drinks that are sold in nationwide convenience stores have as much as 350 mg of caffeine!

While there is a high demand for pre-workout energy drinks, most products on the market are far from ideal. A Pre-Workout drink may be just the answer. Built By Strength Certified Clean - 3rd party certified for safety and quality, BuiltByStrength Pre-Workout is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it is certified for safety and quality. This is true of less than 1% of all other options on the market today. 

Learn More about Built By Strength NSF Certified products HERE

BuiltByStrengthSHOP BUILT BY STRENGTH Give your body what you need, and nothing more. No fillers, no junk, no artificial ingredients, and no chemicals. Just 7-8 ingredients that are all natural. BuiltByStrength Grass-Fed Whey is Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Hormone-Free, rBGH free, low carb, low sugar, low fat and contains zero artificial sweeteners.

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