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High School weight rooms to championship building training programs - Physical education or Athletics BFS does it all! 

For over 40 Years BFS has been providing the very best in strength and athletic training to athletes from all walks of life. High school coaches and athletes know us the go-to resource for building championship quality programs. Physical Education departments love the safe and effective seminars that improve the development of all students.
Our weight room design and equipment knowledge is second to none and we can help you build your dream facility on budget and on time!



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The Bench Press Variation for Success

Steve Kinslow May 12, 2020

The Bench Press Variation for Success

BFS highly recommends Towel Benches for three reasons. First, an athlete gets used to a heavier weight. Normally, ten to twenty more pounds can be used on the Towel Bench. This builds more confidence for new levels on the regular bench. Second, it brings variety into the routine. Variety is important as this helps an athlete overcome plateaus. We guarantee that every athlete will break at least 8 personal records per week, if our BFS Set-Rep System is used. Variety is the main reason we can make that guarantee. Third, and most important, Towel Benches will go a long way in preventing what is call “Bench Press Shoulder”, a mild to severe pain in the shoulder joints. 

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Why We Test

Amy Kaufusi May 08, 2020

Why We Test

A key part of the BFS program is PERFORMANCE TESTING. Performance testing is the link between your training and your athletic performance in competition. Watch the video to learn "Why We Test"

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Why Plant-Based Diets are Not Game Changers

Steve Kinslow April 01, 2020

Why Plant-Based Diets are Not Game Changers

For endurance, offered for your consideration ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek and eight-time national cycling champion Dotsie Bausch; for strength, world-recording breaking strongman Patrik Baboumian and weightlifter Kendrick Farris, a 3x Olympian; for the fighting sports, heavyweight boxer Bryant Jennings and MMA champ Nate Diaz; and for more mainstream sports fans, Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan. Impressive!

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