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Due to our unprecedented global Pandemic and the majority of communities being on “Shelter in Place Orders," BFS suppliers are in varying states of production. However as of right now shipping is delayed indefinitely!

BFS is working closely with all parties to keep updated on the constantly changing circumstances while respecting the health and safety concerns of all involved. 

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High School weight rooms to championship building training programs - Physical education or Athletics BFS does it all! 

For over 40 Years BFS has been providing the very best in strength and athletic training to athletes from all walks of life. High school coaches and athletes know us the go-to resource for building championship quality programs. Physical Education departments love the safe and effective seminars that improve the development of all students.
Our weight room design and equipment knowledge is second to none and we can help you build your dream facility on budget and on time!

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NFL Strength Coach Justus Galac

Steve Kinslow February 05, 2021

NFL Strength Coach Justus Galac

The impact of BFS reaches across all levels of physical development. In this far ranging and insightful interview BFS president John Rowbotham and NFL strength coach Justus Galac discuss best practices for training for athletes form high school to professionals.

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Isaiah Lamb

Steve Kinslow December 18, 2020

Isaiah Lamb - BFS 11

Isaiah Lamb is and exceptional young man who has worked hard - step by step - to carve out a life setting, reaching and crushing his goals! 

A committed BFS Athlete since his high school career Lamb credits his success to discipline learned in early morning BFS workouts. Bringing his best every day to strength and conditioning led to outstanding achievement on the court at Dulaney High School. So much so Lamb went on to play D1 and Professional basketball. 

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Preparing Now for the Future

Steve Kinslow December 14, 2020

Preparing Now for the Future

Learn from Coach Justin Berenson's 23 years of coaching experience. HIs book is a wealth of knowledge no matter what stage your program is at.

"Building An Exceptional Football Program"

By Coach Berenson

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