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Due to our unprecedented global Pandemic and the majority of communities being on “Shelter in Place Orders," BFS suppliers are in varying states of production. However as of right now shipping is delayed indefinitely!

BFS is working closely with all parties to keep updated on the constantly changing circumstances while respecting the health and safety concerns of all involved. 

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BFS Impact! B.B. Hudspeth

Steve Kinslow November 18, 2020

BFS Impact! B.B. Hudspeth

I can’t say enough about the positive impact Bigger Faster Stronger had on my college athletic career and the respect I have for this company.  I first became familiar with BFS as a college sophomore.  Having just transferred to Maryville College in Tennessee as a member of the Fighting Scots football team, we were blessed to have a new head coach and coaching staff who understood and embraced the importance of a sound strength and conditioning program.  

BFS WRSC Certification Online. Improve your coaching career and improve your team's prospects by becoming a BFS Certified coach and teacher this holiday weekend! Sign up for at home, online certification this week and SAVE $50.

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Baseball Strong!

Steve Kinslow November 16, 2020

Baseball Strong!

Learn how Jake took his baseball to the max with strength training from a BFS Certified coach!

In the past, baseball coaches were reluctant to have their athletes lift weights, unless it was light dumbbells to rehabilitate a shoulder or elbow injury. Now the sport has embraced the weight room, and one athlete who has benefitted from this paradigm shift in coaching is Jake Guggenheimer. 

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A Closer Look at the Hex Bar Deadlift

Steve Kinslow October 26, 2020

A Closer Look at the Hex Bar Deadlift

The Hex bar deadlift is a deadlift performed with a hexagonal barbell that allows the lifter to perform exercises from inside the encompassing bar. Handgrips strategically placed on the two ends of the bar enable the weight on the bar to be in perfect alignment with the power line at all times.

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