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Training with the BFS Total Program works!

Tracking an athletes progression through an effective and successful program gives coaches the confidence their athletes are ready to compete!

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The Bigger Faster Stronger Total Program is a total conditioning program for all students and athletes regardless of sport, age or gender. No other program can compare with BFS. You cannot help but succeed – and succeed in a big way. Every detail of the BFS Program has been tested with tens of thousands of athletes over 40 years. You will win!

Unification of athletics and PE

Full lecture by Dr. Aaron Banks.


Weight Room Strength & Cond./Safety Certification
for Athletic Coaches and Strength Coaches.

Bring a BFS clinician into your school and get your weight room up to speed for safe and effective strength training for ALL athletes!

Weight Room Consultation 

Call BFS in and find out how to raise the level of your facilities and your weight room supervising and teaching. A BFS Consultation is an excellent first step in reducing liability and getting started on building a winning program. Call 800-628-9737

Concept to Completion Weight Room Design - New Room or Remodel 

BFS has 40 plus years experience in designing, building and installing championship quality weight rooms. We can do the same for you. Call a BFS expert today 800-628-9737

Character Education/Team Building & Goal Setting

The Be An 11 initiative from BFS is highly impactful evening led by our high energy, motivational clinicians. Teaching broad themes of social, academic and athletic responsibility and accountability through team building and goal setting exercises. The Be An 11 can be the missing component to establishing a winning culture.

Championship Camps and Clinics for Strength Training 

Your coaches and athletes hit the ground running the BFS Total Program after a Championship Camp. Learn core lifts, auxiliary lifts, agility, flexibility and agility exercises and how to record them and for measurable gains all year long! Look for speed and agility specific camps coming in 2018.

Technology for the Weight Room

Run the BFS Total Program on the BFS Set Rep Log App. Record sets and reps as you log record-breaking lifts week in and week out. Coaches Dashboard allow for easy monitoring of athletes and teams progress. Cross-platform, web-based app works for phones, tablets, and computers!

Coaches, be sure to take advantage of the BFS Online Learning Center that is included with your WRSC certification. 

Students can take advantage of the True Squat App. This coaching aid will help develop the perfect technique for your squats maximize your workouts! 

Sports Clothing & Gear

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Fitness Products 

The BFS Impact - Testimonials 

800 628-9737 *Call for Customized Camps and Clinics, as well as product discounts on full Weight Room Purchases.

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