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Bigger Faster Stronger was established in 1976, by three dedicated teachers/coaches. They saw a need in Physical Education and Athletics for a more complete way to develop student/athletes, which led to the BFS Total Program. The three original founders of BFS are now retired and enjoying much deserved time with family and friends. Their passion and mission of helping our youth is alive and going strong with the current BFS Staff. BFS is now under the leadership of John Rowbotham, who serves as President/CEO. John was very fortunate to grow up in the BFS program, his father Bob Rowbotham, is one fo the original founders of the company and is still consulting on projects today!

The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc., is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people. BFS works through a three-tiered approach. 
First, seminars for students and athletes, focusing on character education, strength training, fitness development and athletic performance.
Second, we support physical educators and coaches in their work with young people. We offer professional development and a certification program in weight room safety and strength/conditioning. We specialize in continuing education, that trains teachers/coaches how to increase the safety and effectiveness of their physical education and athletic programs through the concept of unification.
Third, BFS offers the highest level of expertise in weight room design and layout, as well as products that stand the test of time. Our experienced staff of teachers, coaches, etc… focus all of their energy on finding ways to help physical educators and coaches offer the best instruction to their students and athletes.

The heart of our company is the BFS Total Program, a workout designed to improve both athletic and physical fitness/performance. It was developed by observing and working with the training programs of world-class throwers in track and field, considered among the most powerful athletes in sport. Many of these techniques had their roots in the training methods developed by sports scientists from the Eastern Bloc nations. These methods were refined into the BFS system so it could be easily taught and implemented in the US, at every level. Our program focuses on a balanced approach of development, utilizing proper aspects of progression and load.  As well as extremely stringent safety protocols. The BFS Program prides itself on its vast amount of teacher/coach resources in our Online Learning Center (For Certified Teachers - videos, articles written by advisory board members, doctors, teachers, strength coaches, etc…, online demo’s and much more).

Another unique aspects of the BFS program, one that can help turn struggling athletic programs into winning programs, is unification. Unification is the concept that all athletes in any school system should adhere to the same basic training philosophy. Such organization reduces teaching time, prevents many administrative hassles and personality conflicts, and improves athletic performance. BFS believes in consistent instruction for lifting technique, spotting, and terminology. With a unified teaching/coaching staff, all students will benefit from proper progression on core lifts (multi-joint movements) and when applicable, sport-specific auxiliary lifts that will fine-tune their skills for competition.

The appeal of BFS grew as sports coaches, strength coaches, and physical education instructors saw the benefit of working together in a unified program. The BFS staff of clinicians spread the word about BFS by offering strength and conditioning clinics to coaches and their athletes and by attending conventions for athletics and for state and national physical education organizations, such as SHAPE America.

BFS has a complete certification program (The WRSC) for teachers/coaches to expand on many aspects of running a unified program. Our certification program started because of the concern about safety and liability in the weight room environment, for students in physical education and for athletes in competitive sports. A successful strength and conditioning program should minimize a student/athletes risk of injury, not put them in harm's way, while they are training.

An additional aspect of the BFS program that brings about unification, is the teaching concept known as the Six Absolutes. The Six Absolutes improves the quality of instruction by ensuring that everyone is on the same page in their use of terminology teaching optimal technique, not just in the weight room but also during sports performance. It also creates a repetitive educational environment, making for a more efficient teaching environment. This is especially important when working with large groups of students & athletes and beginners.

BFS believes strongly in character education and the benefits of goal setting. The Be and 11 Program, focuses on striving for greatness in all aspects of our lives. BFS uses the phrase "Be An 11", (on a scale of 1 to 10) to assess personal effort, a choice that was made, etc..., because it is an easy concept for young people to grasp. Although there are many aspects of the Be An 11 program, the key is to teach young people how to make better choices on and off the field of play.

BFS has performed over 15,000 total program camps, clinics, Be An 11 seminars, professional developments, and certifications in the past four decades. Its popularity is such that entire school districts have adopted it for both their physical education and athletic departments; more importantly, it has helped develop students and athletes into people who are focused on accomplishing their goals in the classroom and on the athletic field. Further, the core principles of the program is based on have been verified by scientific research.

BFS has a vast archive of articles written over decades, explaining all aspects of proper fitness, strength/cond., goal setting, motivation, plyometrics and program implementation.  All articles are free PDF downloads that teachers can assign to students to incorporate reading and writing into their physical education classes.  BFS also has a vast network of teachers, doctors and strength coaches, that are always available for support. Additionally, BFS has many options for incorporating technology into physical education classes and athletic programs.

BFS has been focused on helping students, athletes, coaches and teachers accomplish their goals in the classroom, on the field of play, and in the community for over 40 years.  Our passion for your success continues to be what drives us. The bottom line is that everything we do at BFS is about helping kids!


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Physical Education  For nearly 40 years BFS has been providing middle schools, junior high schools and high schools with the tools they need for success. We’d like to do the same for your school. We are your full-service company, not only all your Exercise Equipment needs, but for safe and effective Exercise Instruction.

Athletics Icon Training with the BFS Total Program works! Tracking an athletes progression through an effective and successful program gives coaches the confidence their athletes are ready to compete! 
The Bigger Faster Stronger Total Program is a total conditioning program for all athletes regardless of sport, age or gender. You cannot help but succeed – and succeed in a big way. Every detail of the BFS Program has been tested with tens of thousands of athletes over 40 years. You will win!

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Over 10,000 high schools nationwide. Many USA Today Top 10 High School Teams. More than 30 high school women’s teams have won state championships after a BFS Clinic/Seminar. More than 350 high school football teams have won state champions after a BFS Clinic/Seminar. And 34 of the Top 50 High Schools in the country!, Over 40 percent of all high school football coaches get their strength and conditioning information from Bigger Faster Stronger, according to an independent study done at the University of Minnesota. Here are some of our other satisfied customers:

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