It all begins with base levels of strength.

Want to run faster? Get stronger! Want to jump higher? Get Stronger!

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"You Can Never Be Too Strong!"
General George Patton

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The strength training aspect of the Bigger Faster Stronger workout is set up on four-week cycles, with three 45-minute workouts per week. During the season, the athlete only trains twice a week but still strives to break personal records – after all, why train your body to be weak?

One of the most important principles of our strength program, especially our Readiness Program Package for Middle/Junior High school athletes, is to never sacrifice technique to lift heavier weights. To help achieve perfect technique BFS has developed six training principles called “Absolutes” that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique, not only in the weight room but also in any sport. Learn the Six BFS Absolutes and you can elevate your strength and sport coaching abilities dramatically.

One reason the Six Absolutes are so amazingly effective is that all coaches can use the same terminology when teaching weight training and sports skills. After all, how can athletes be expected to follow instructions exactly when the instructions they receive seem different? Such confusion also goes against the concept of developing a unified program. Therefore, when teaching the squat, instead of one coach saying, "Make your chest big!" and another coach at batting practice saying, "Spread the chest!" both coaches will simply say, "Spread the chest!"

Without keeping you in suspense, here are the Six Absolutes of perfect technique:

Use an Athletic or Jump Stance
Be Tall
Spread the Chest (lock in the lower back)
Toes Aligned
Knees Aligned (knees over toes)
Eyes on Target

See the Six Absolutes in Action Here – this is biomechanics, made simple!


"We have seen tremendous gains in strength and speed ever since we started using BFS. We trained year-round, and we still lifted three times a week during the season even during the week of the state championships."

Josh Floyd, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach
Shiloh Christian High School, Springdale, Arkansas