BFS Mini Courses

Clear and concise these Mini-Courses are a quick way to get your students and athletes on track with the BFS Total Program. Whether you are just starting your BFS journey or looking for quick refresher we are here to help!

A championship program and a winning culture are not an overnight achievement. Rather they are a process that leads to success through incremental advances. The BFS Total Program has all the tools you need to build your team and school up to their full potential.

Follow along with BFS President John Rowbotham as he covers the critical component to building success.

The Set Rep Log Book is the Cornerstone of the BFS Total Program 

You can only break records if you keep records! At BFS we are committed to helping your young students and athletes reach their full, individual, potential. Central to this is measureing and recording achivements the students make weekly and daily. The BFS Total Program sets up the pupils for success encouraging eight broken records each week. Kids love the challenge and results and coaches and teachers love watching their charges gain in confidence, self esteem, speed, and strength! 

6 Absolutes of the BFS Total Program

The Six Absolutes – this is biomechanics, made simple!

One of the most important principles of our strength program, especially our Readiness Program Package for Middle/Junior High school athletes, is to never sacrifice technique to lift heavier weights. To help achieve perfect technique BFS has developed six training principles called “Absolutes” that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique, not only in the weight room but also in any sport. Learn the Six BFS Absolutes and you can elevate your strength and sport coaching abilities dramatically.


Gaining SPEED is one of the main objectives in athletic development. At BFS we have 3 Favorite Auxiliaries that we add to the core lifts to increase SPEED as well as 2 Critical flexibility exercises. Check out this video and then get more details on each Auxiliary in the videos below:

BFS Dot Drill

The BFS Dot Drill not only warms-up your muscles but it also increases your agility. The Dot Drill will be hard at first. It is tiring and you may appear clumsy. However if you will do it six times a week, in a very short time, improvement will come rapidly. You can have quick feet in a month or two.
Each athlete should set two goals. The first goal is to do the Dot Drill 6 times per week and the second goal should be to increase speed.

BFS Jumping and Plyo Progression

Get started in a fun manner for all athletes - especially your middle school and younger students! Learn the basics of GROUND BASED JUMPING in the first video of the course. See the basic drills to prepare young athletes as they start to learn about agility and plyometrics. These drills lead into more advanced agility and plyometric drills in the following videos. 


3 Athlete Interviews - the case for the BFS Readiness Program

Learn from first hand experiences of young athletes as they work with the BFS Total Program. By emphasizing a safe and incremental system of encouraging young people to grow and develop to their own potential our program is the best answer for your growing students and young athletes! BFS is designed to be started at any age using bodyweight only ensuring a safe start to technique based resistance training.  The following BFS Athletes Interviews feature Trace (age 13) and Addy (age 11). Their stories shed light on the physical, and mental benefits of a real, engaging development program for young minds and bodies.  


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