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Whether you are in the market for a "do-it-all" station or want to install garage box BFS has unique equipment and solutions to fit. The Space Saver rack is our best selling total body gym and only stands 2.5 feet off the wall when not in use. Our Absolute and Varsity lines are thoughtfully constructed at commercial spec but only 7 feet high to ft in basements or even spare bedrooms. And of course we have a number of multi-gym stations ideal for home use. 

One of the services BFS offers is weightroom planning through the use of 2D illustrations. The 2D floor plan is the 1st step of the Concept to Completion process. These illustrations are drawn to scale to show you exactly how your weightroom can look, thereby ensuring proper use of available space and the best design to fit your home. BFS can also provide you with 3D illustrations to show you as close as graphically possible how your weight room will look.

BFS WRSC Certification now available online for safe, complete certification of teachers and coaches.

1.Learn Safe and Effective weight room rules and protocols. Weight Room Strength & Cond./Safety Certification for Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches and home trainers

2.   BFS Concept to Completion. Home Gym Design, New Construction or Remodel - installation available.

3.   Technology for Personal Fitness & Strength Training. BFS is committed to the Athletes in all of us. Use the BFS Total Program to build the athletic physique you always wanted.

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