BFS Total Program

Advanced Athletic Training Program

The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc., is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people. BFS works through a three-tiered approach.


First, for athletes and students, BFS conducts character education and athletic fitness camps, clinics, and seminars. Second, to support coaches and physical educators in their work with young people, we offer WRSC certification programs and continuing education materials that teach how to increase the safety and effectiveness of their sports and physical education programs through the concept of unification. Third, to support excellence in youth athletics and physical education, BFS sources the highest-quality exercise equipment at the best prices. Most made right here in the USA. Our experienced staff also assists – from consulting to concept to completion – with all aspects of developing the best possible strength and conditioning facilities and programs.

BFS offers a variety of training Camps and Clinics to get your school's PE and athletic programs up and running the BFS Total Program

Program In-Depth Information

The Eleven Athlete is one who has achieved physical superiority on the playing field by focusing on the following areas of sports training and competition. BFS provides resources for all aspects of Physical education and athletics. Explore the links below to learn more!

  • Flexibility Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • Strength Training
  • Skill Training
  • Mental Training – Be an 11

  •  Testing is a valuable tool for athletic development, as it helps to monitor training and motivate athletes to achieve higher goals. And if you know which tests are appropriate and you have the proper testing tools, the process doesn’t have to be an ordeal. For example, using a Just Jump pad, a coach could test the vertical jumps of 40 athletes in as little as 10 minutes. At BFS we believe that some form of testing should be performed every two to four weeks, from something as simple as timing your dot drill performance, to running the 40-yard-dash. We have also developed the BFS Standards, which provide guidelines on what both male and female athletes should strive to reach for their age group.

    The BFS 6 Absolutes 

    A great introduction to the BFS Total Program is the 6 Absolutes. Learn how these simple coaching methods can apply across all games and sports to provide a concise and consistent language for teachers and coaches. Click to see the 6 Absolutes in action.

    The BFS Readiness Program

    An athlete’s introduction to the BFS program should be with the BFS Readiness Program Package. It is designed for those not yet ready to engage in heavy weight training performed by more mature athletes.

     The BFS Dot Drill

    A key component that must not be overlooked is the Warm Up. We recommend the dot drill as it gets two goals achieved right at the start of every workout. First, in just about a minute your students have elevated their heart rate, intensity and activated their muscles. Second, your students have completed an effective agility drill that will benefit them no matter the activity!

    The BFS Total Program

    After graduating from the BFS Readiness program, the athlete will progress into the regular BFS program, which can be divided into four segments:
    • THE WARM-UP. The warm-up for the BFS program is the BFS Dot Drill. In addition to warming up your muscles and nervous system, this warm-up increases agility.
    • STRETCHING. The BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility program is a 10-minute program that stretches all the major muscle groups to help increase speed and prevent injuries.
    • AUXILIARY EXERCISES. Auxiliary exercises are supplements to the core lifts, often used to work muscles emphasized or commonly injured in sports. For example, a wrestler or a football player could work on a Neck Machine as one of their auxiliary exercises. Two required auxiliary exercises are Lunges and Straight-Leg Deadlifts and we suggest performing only two to four auxiliary exercises, as any more than that tends to interfere with an athlete’s time and energy for speed agility and technique work.

    Coaches and BFS 

    My name is Tyson Moser. I am the head football coach at West Side High School in Dayton, ID. I thought you might want to know that our team won a state championship this season and we attribute much of our success to our weight program.
    We have only been using the Bigger Faster Stronger program for 1 year when we won the title.

    Tyson Moser, Head Football Coach,
    West Side High School, Dayton, ID

    READ MORE about just how the BFS Total Program can accelerate your programs.

    Balance and Symmetrical Development

    In team sports, the coach wants every member of the team to be able to obtain optimal performance. This means we strive to make poor athletes good, good athletes great, and great athletes even better. This formula is especially effective at the high school level. Every school has a few great athletes on any team, so success is determined by how well the coach can improve the abilities of the less gifted players. This is why efficient and effective training is so important. READ MORE 

    Learn about using the OptoJump one-meter system to measure your march in place test with Olympic level accuracy. Read more about the importance of accurately measuring your students and athletes progress throughout their development."


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