The BFS Impact

BFS is proud to be involved with so many great teachers, coaches, schools and districts across the country. Our one mission is to help the youth to have a better start in life and have the best opportunity to advance in their lives. Through physical development and self-esteem building, BFs can help provide some of the building blocks necessary. 

Take a brief tour of what teachers, coaches, and administrators from around the nation have to say about the impact of BFS on their school, programs, and youth.

Isaiah Lamb is an exceptional young man who has worked hard - step by step - to carve out a life setting, reaching and crushing his goals! Read more about Isaiah in the BFS Magazine

Kyle Fiat: Past BFS Athlete, physical education teacher, high school coach, ex-professional lacrosse player and collegiate athlete, Kyle Fiat, talks about his experience with BFS.
BFS WRSC Certification BFS BE AN 11 Online
Alex Barrus: Goal setting skills and building strong, lifelong friendships are just some of the lessons learned while transforming into a State Champion starting center.  BFS WRSC Certification

Ben Westman: BFS leadership, commitment, and teamwork lessons pay big dividends in college (Westpoint), in the army and in life. BFS WRSC Certification

Levi Negley: Going beyond the limit. The impact of BFS in lifelong character leadership and character building. BFS WRSC Certification

BFS is proud to be working with many school districts across the country. For BFS Weight Room Evaluations and Weight Room Safety Certifications in large urban districts like NYPS and Baltimore County are equally important as smaller rural districts like Central Consolidated in New Mexico. In this video LT Erickson Ph.D., Twin Falls School District, Secondary Programs Director explains how incorporating the BFS Total Program and Weight Room Safety Certification give the students in his district the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Josh Negley: BFS "BE An 11" Athletes

BFS WRSC Certification

BFS and The Central Consolidated School District make a winning partnership
Ben Tensay covers the multiple ways BFS was able to make positive impacts on the Central Consolidated School District in northwestern New Mexico. From safety and strength certifications of coaches and teachers to installing highly functional and effective weight room equipment BFS worked closely with the district to raise every school up.

BFS Total Program for Athletic and PE

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BFS/Dulaney Leadership Weekend 2018 - Working with amazing coaches at all levels from high school to college to pros BFS is proud to host a limited number of leadership camps for students and coaches. Call 800-628-9737


Check out this great excerpt from Coach BFS's conversation with Angus Reid. Angus was featured in the BFS Magazine in the spring of 2007. He recently retired from the CFL after playing 13 years of professional football. Angus is a lifelong BFS athlete. He is the author of "Thank You Coach" (available on Amazon) and a motivational speaker.

Tom Gammel St Bernard, Defensive Coordinator on the BFS Total Program Coach Gammel expounds on the success he has had built using the BFS Total Program and the success he sees building in all sports across St Bernard's Central Catholic High School thanks to a unified training protocol.

The BFS Total Program 

Vicki Nelms, Vice Principal, Clackamas High School OR

The safety protocols make BFS an invaluable tool for all teachers and coaches involved strength and athletic programs. 

Salamanca High School utilizes the BFS Total Program across every sport.
Rich Morton, Salamanca's athletic director, takes a unified approach to athletics by giving his athletes a consistent training method no matter which season, gender or sport.
The BFS Total Program 

BFS impacts all teams at Clairemont High School, with Manny Diaz
Learn how Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Manny Diaz implemented the BFS Total Program and "BE An 11" conce[ppts across all the athletics at this Sand Diego High School.
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The Be An 11 program positively impacts Kingston High School. Follow Coach Henert's journey as he works to improve the culture of his athletes and students with the BFS BE An 11 Program
BE An 11 
The BFS Total Program 

Implementing the BFS Total Program at Lake George, New York, Athletic Director Kyle Manny explains the value BFS brings to his Junior/Senior High School by unifying his sports and PE across the school.
BFS and Athletics
BFS and Phys Ed

Kyle Parilla, Doctor of Chiropractic explains the value of being BFS Certified

Dr. Kyle Parilla uses the BFS Protocols with every patient in his practice. The value of his certification in helping patients with pain is a testament to the base principles of the BFS Total Program

Find many more stories about the impact of BFS and how to implement it in your school on the CoachBFS YouTube Channel