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We would love to help you get a unified program set up at your school. This page will give you a complete picture of what BFS offers. If your program is looking to succeed and maximize the results for young people on and off the field you have come to the right place. We are excited to walk you through the process below and always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have ( or 800-628-9737)

Linked below are some docs that help explain BFS:

About BFS
- BFS Program Overview
- BFS Certification Overview/Online Certification for Coaches & Teachers
- BFS Record Breaking by Lifting Group
- Weight Room Design Form
- BFS Implementation Overview - Weeks 1 through 5 


Step 1: Get Coaches & Teachers Trained,

LIVE Clinics and Certifications are available again in most states!

For small groups or individuals Get BFS Certified Online!
BFS Online Certification for Weight Room Safety & Strength/Conditioning (WRSC)

Section 1 - Video/Hands on Portion: 5 to 6 hours
Can be done at anytime - completely up to the participant.
Section 2 - Online theory test: 60 to 120 minutes, depending on prep, prior to taking the test.

Once Section 2 is completed, we will send an email with the access code for our online learning center - this is where all videos, articles and PowerPoint content live for certified coaches. So you can use this content to teach/train your athletes.


Get Certified Safely Online HERE
The online cert. is priced at $299 each participant

This online Certification training would give you a great understanding of the program and how to implement every phase of it.

Step 2: Develop Leadership/Character in student/athletes and start setting goals (Team & Individual)

B11-LogoBFS Online Be an 11 Course - IN PERSON OR ONLINE!

Leadership, Character Education, Goal Setting & more! The BFS - Be an 11 Leadership Online Course is now available. 

Hundreds of schools and teams have embraced the BFS “Be an 11” seminars over the last two decades. Due to the current pandemic situation we have created an ONLINE version of the popular “Be an 11” seminar in the form of an 11-chapter course. This course teaches CHARACTER EDUCATION, GOAL SETTING and LEADERSHIP SKILLS. The course can be utilized for individuals who are in a Distance Learning situation, in the classroom, with teams, leadership groups, student body officers, etc. Each chapter includes reading and writing assignments and homework to help create the best learning environment possible.

You can purchase now and save with our introductory price even if you intend to take the course later. Time to complete the course does not start until you login for the first time. So save now even if you don't intend to to take the course until next year!

Video Clip about the B11 Online Course:

Testimonial about implementing the BFS - Be an 11 Program in a School

Student/Athlete Leadership Council Application Document

Student/Athlete Code of Ethics Document

“On a Scale of 1-10, Be an 11”!!


We also have a free 12 Week At Home Workout for athletes who can't get to a weight room.

In order to help our followers and customers maintain a healthy progression in their development and fitness we will continue to be dedicating this free page to workouts that will help maintain and advance your physical education and athletic goals. 

Example of a team using the at home program for distance learning:


Step 3: Tools and Information about the BFS Total Program - Downloadable PDFs

- Dynamic Warm Up-Agility & Balance Drill:

- Speed Program:

- Agility Drills:

- Conditioning Program & Conditioning Test:

- Plyometric Program:

- Flexibility/Mobility Program:

- Additional Program Downloads (Free):

Step 4: Tools for recording (sets/reps, load and progression) - Can’t Break Records if you don’t Keep Records!

- Free Video Mini-Course: Basics of the BFS Set Rep Log Book

- New For 2021 - Set Rep Log Books:

- Readiness Log Book:

- Set Rep Log App for phone, tablet or computer:

- Beat the Computer:

Step 5: Additional Support Material

- BFS YouTube Channel - a ton of info from motivation to inspiration to training

- BFS Weight Room Safety Package:

Step 6: BFS Weight Room & Fitness Products

- If you have any need for fitness equipment, PE equipment or weight room equipment, we are always here to help.
Shop at - or call 800-628-9737 and use the code below at checkout for 10% off all orders: 0918JRUT10

Weight Room Design (New Rooms or Rooms being updated)

Weight Room Design Form

Weight Room Consultation: BFS can evaluate and provide recommendations and best practices for your current training facilities. Call to learn how 800-628-9737 or email

Once you have had a chance to go over all of the info on this page, don't hesitate to contact BFS for more information! or 800-628-9737
BFS is excited to work with you and help you implement a unified, progressive, athletic development program for all of your students and athletes!

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