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BFS Professional Development Days 

In NYC Commitment at the District Level Reaps Benefits for Physical Education

Working with New York City Public Schools this year has been an awesome experience for BFS. Our all-new Professional Development seminars have really been making an impact across the largest school district in the country. Many PE teachers and administrators have hailed the day as one of the most fruitful seminars they have ever attended.

Learning about effective and safe weight room protocols has really opened up these teachers to the ease of incorporating strength training into their Physical Education environment. By combining a dynamic presentation along with actual hands-on training every educator in attendance was kept involved and excited to learn more.

BFS provides the path to ongoing education and Weight Room Strength and Safety Certification (WRSC) by awarding teachers in attendance with credit toward completing the WRSC course. Find out how much BFS can save your school and district with Professional Development that you can use right away! Call 800-628-9737.


For nearly 40 years BFS has been providing middle schools, junior high schools and high schools with the tools they need for success. We’d like to do the same for your school. We are your full-service company, not only all your Exercise Equipment needs but for safe and effective Exercise Instruction.

In addition to Professional Development Days, BFS offers regional and in-service on-site Strength and Conditioning Clinics, and a complete line of multimedia educational materials to educate teachers and students how to exercise for maximum development with minimal risk of injury. We also offer a character education program called Be an 11, which will have a positive impact on all aspects of your students’ lives.

To ensure the highest levels of competence among coaches and physical educators, we offer a Hands-On Certification Course that includes a continuing education program. Further, almost all our instructors are certified teachers, and 95 percent are currently employed in high schools. 

Weight Room Consulting

Drawing on 40 years of experience BFS knowledgeable consultants will measure, review and make recommendations for your weight room. Using criteria that always begins and ends with safety your BFS consultation will provide clear recommendations for your unique situation.

Unique Situations

BFS Consulting brings a deep understanding of schools and educational systems. With this insight to time and space constraints we will provide the best solution for turning your weight room into a learning classroom.

Depending on when your school was built, what your current budgets allow, and what your expectations are BFS offers solutions for every institution. BFS knows your situation is unique and BFS Consultations are tailored to maximize your weight room. 

The BFS 6 Absolutes 

A great introduction to the BFS Total Program is the 6 Absolutes. Learn how these simple coaching methods can apply across all games and sports to provide a concise and consistent language for teachers and coaches. Click to see the 6 Absolutes in action.

The Equipment You Need

BFS is one of the few companies in the industry to manufacture in the United States Institutional-Grade Strength and Conditioning Equipment. Our equipment is unique in that it is designed by experienced educators for educators to use in educational settings, and is backed by the best warranty in the business.

Our design professionals provide both 2D and 3D renderings so you’ll see just what your facility will look like upon completion. In addition, you will have the assurance that the room is designed according to current safety guidelines and industry recommendations. We can also assist in the installation of your equipment.

Please contact us today and start taking your physical education to the next level of physical development.

Despite the support of many sports scientists and peer-reviewed research, the warnings by many members of the medical community have many coaches reluctant to encourage young athletes to lift weights. We live in a litigious society, and the controversy surrounding this subject is enough to make any coach or school administrator hesitant about giving athletes an early start in the weight room.

Can coaches have children lift weights without putting themselves, or their organizations, at an exceptionally high risk of legal action? Yes! Call BFS and learn more - 800-628-9737

Technology for the Weight Room

Make grading and tracking development simpler, run the BFS Total Program on the BFS Set-Rep Log App. Record sets and reps as you log improving lifts week in and week out. Teachers Dashboard allows for easy monitoring of athletes and class progress. Cross-platform, web-based app works for phones, tablets, and computers!

BFS Consultation: BFS can evaluate your current weight room and training areas for an in-depth assessment of high priority areas to maximize students enjoyment and development while creating a low liability training area. Call us at 800-628-9737

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BFS Is Coming to a Convention Near You!

If you have questions about what BFS can do for your program and coaching education, you can visit BFS Reps at many national conventions held throughout the year. We often have speakers at these conventions and have a booth where you can speak one-on-one with our reps. The conventions where we will appear include football (such as Glazier/MEGA and Nike), physical education (including national and state AAHPERD, athletic directors (national and state), and all-sports (such as PEMCO).

BFS will be at the National SHAPE Convention in Nashville this spring!

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