4 Minutes with the Straight Leg Deadlift

October 08, 2015

The BFS Straight-Leg Dead Lift is a high-priority auxiliary lift. We think of this lift as a stretching exercise. Therefore, our recommended technique is to use a very light weight and do every rep slowly, controlled and deep. Some have questioned the BFS position for the lower back and our technique of keeping the knees locked. This criticism could be justified if our primary purpose were to build strength. However, the BFS goal is to win, and a primary component of winning in school sports is speed. Improving hamstring flexibility is a key component in improving an athlete’s speed. We know that our SLDL technique will make a measurable difference in cutting up to two-tenths of a second off a 40 time. Improving hamstring flexibility will also improve jumping ability. The following are our SLDL guidelines in using this great auxiliary lift to your advantage.

How Much Weight?

Junior high boys and girls should use 45 or less pounds. Most high school women athletes should use between 45 and 65 pounds. Very strong, mature women high school athletes could use up to a maximum of 95 pounds. High school male athletes should use up to 95 pounds. College male athletes should use between 95 and 135 pounds. 

Sets & Reps and Progression

Do two sets of ten repetitions two times per week. Do not record this lift in the Set-Rep Logbook or the Record Card. Do not break records. Do not try to do a little more each week. Keep the poundage the same. This lift is used primarily as a stretching exercise, not a strength building exercise. You can progress by trying to get a deeper stretch each week.


The Straight Leg Deadlift is a recommended auxiliary lift in the BFS Total Program. Essential for building range of motion and speed this lift is often misunderstood. While it does build strength the primary goal is to build speed and flexibility. Measuring your results should be kept track of on the "sit and reach" flexibility test.

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