Flexibility For Speed

Flexibility For Speed

July 28, 2023

In the BFS Total Program we strongly emphasize stretching and flexibility  - primarily for the the performance benefits. Stretching and flexibility should be approached with equal focus and attention given to strength training, Because stretching may not take as much time as weight training students (and coaches) may not give this portion of the Total Program their full attention. It is important to remember that ALL parts of the Total Program are equal in achieving results even if they don't take as much time or equipment and other areas!
Let's focus on the Calf today
Proper calf muscle flexibility is essential for maximizing speed and improving athletic performance. Here's how stretching the calf muscles can contribute to speed training:
Increased Range of Motion: Flexibility in the calf muscles allows for a more extensive range of motion during running and other athletic movements. This increased range enables longer strides and better push-off, which are critical factors for generating speed.
Improved Running Mechanics: Flexible calf muscles promote proper running mechanics. When the calf muscles are adequately stretched, they can contribute to a more efficient and powerful stride, which ultimately translates to improved speed.
Better Muscle Activation: Flexible calf muscles allow for better muscle activation and engagement during running. This means that your muscles can contract more effectively, leading to more powerful and explosive movements.
When incorporating calf stretches into your speed training routine, it's essential to do them correctly and consistently. BFS reccommends:
Calf Stretch: With hands on the wall for balance, move hips forward and push back heel down. keep leg straight. Switch after 30 seconds.
Achilles Stretch; Same as Calf Stretch but slightly bend knee, keep heel 1” off the ground & squat down increasing load on Achilles tendon.

It's essential to strike a balance with stretching. Incorporate a dynamic warm-up exercise such as the BFS Dot Drill before training


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