The BFS Championship Difference: Clinics, Seminars and Certifications

The BFS Championship Difference: Clinics, Seminars and Certifications

February 05, 2020

Many coaches and athletes know BFS because of our highest quality strength and conditioning equipment, and having the right tools to prepare athletes for competition is an essential aspect of athletic fitness. However, the heart of BFS is our clinics, seminars, and certifications, because having the right tools for a job is worthless if you don’t know how to use them.

Since our company was founded in 1976, BFS has been teaching BFS clinics to help athletes learn how to train effectively and efficiently. During these clinics, BFS believes it is equally important to teach coaches how to improve their teaching skills, and to help administrators learn how to improve the overall quality and safety of both their athletic and physical education programs. For clinicians, BFS looks for certified teachers who are actively coaching, as these individuals are best able to relate to the challenges facing coaches. We also look for coaches who have been using the BFS program with their athletes for several years. 

  11 Steps to Building a Championship Quality Program

For over four decades BFS has maintained a staff of about two dozen clinicians who “walk the talk” by being exceptional teachers who have a track record of success in coaching. A BFS clinic involves not only having our clinicians work with athletes but also helping coaches refine their coaching skills. For many schools, this was enough – for others, they needed something more. That something was the Be An 11 seminar. 

The Be an 11 Seminar could be considered a character-education workshop for athletes, but it’s much more. “A Be An 11 seminar helps young people fulfill their potential, inspires them to set worthy goals, both athletic and personal, and helps them develop action plans to achieve those goals. Along the way, they learn about the importance of making positive choices, keeping their self-respect and being team players and role models for others. The Be An 11 program is about being successful in all areas of life.”  

To ensure success with these seminars, not only are coaches encouraged to attend, but also the parents of athletes. School administrators love the Be an 11 program because they understand how athletes are often looked upon as role models. As such, after young athletes go through a Be an 11 clinic and start putting into practice what they learned, it has a trickle-down effect on the entire student body. 

For these reasons, one of our most popular BFS presentations is our “B” format (#800B), which is a two-day BFS total program clinic with a Be an 11 Seminar. This BFS experience starts on a Friday evening with a three-hour Be an 11 Seminar for 50 athletes, followed by two days of a BFS total program clinic. BFS offers a significant discount for this presentation as it is a combination format.  

In addition to BFS clinics and Be An 11 seminars, BFS also offers a BFS Weight Room Safety Certification for coaches. At BFS, we take the approach that certification will help take a coach’s knowledge to a higher level. To ensure the highest quality of our graduates, our program goes beyond offering simply a self-paced theory course: BFS certifications include hands-on instruction to ensure that coaches not only can demonstrate what they are taught but also can teach it. We also offer graduates one-year free access to our BFS Online Learning Center to future continue their educational experience. 

The practical portion of BFS certification can be conducted over a single day, but often many coaches like to combine it with other programs. One popular presentation is out “C” format (#800C), which offers a Be an 11 seminar followed a one-day BFS clinic for 50 athletes, and a BFS certification on Sunday for five coaches. As with all our clinics, we can accommodate more participants. Call BFS at 800-628-9737 and talk to a sales representative for details.
Strength and conditioning programs have attracted an increasing number of students in recent years. To accommodate the need to administer effective, practical, and safe athletic fitness programs, BFS offers a proven, championship quality system taught in our clinics, seminars, and certifications that have been proven successful for over 39 years. Isn’t it about time you join us and take your program to the next level?

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