The BFS Transformation with Online Certification

The BFS Transformation with Online Certification

June 22, 2020

 BFS is the training that transforms your Athletics and Physical Education programs. 45 years of working with schools means BFS brings unequalled experience to your staff and students. Coaches know the legendary BFS Total Program has brought championship seasons to thousands of schools and inspired many more. Now physical education departments across the country utilize the BFS Program to improve fitness, strength, and to build confidence in their students. 

The BFS Total Program achieves so much for so many by focusing on personal records, safety, and effort. Under the direction of teachers and coaches, students learn to be great teammates and spotters for each other. Students take responsibility for their own success and for the success of others in the program. With a wide variety of body types and students maturing at different rates many administrations may think this is not possible but BFS achieves this by ensuring each student is only competing against their own personal records. BFS focuses on safety and only allows students to increase resistance when they have perfect technique. 

Teachers and coaches with a desire to impact their students in a meaningful and lasting way are the core of the BFS program. Getting your school’s PE and athletic programs unified with BFS gives these passionate professionals the tools to achieve these goals. It all starts with getting your staff BFS Certified. The Weight Room Safety/Strength & Conditioning Certification (WRSC) provides the unity and continuity to allow your success to begin. 

BFS In-Service certifications have been the most effective method of implementing the BFS Total Program for years and remain a powerful and direct route to a successful development program.

Now with the changes in public safety that are becoming the norm, BFS has been working hard to create a new way to get your school’s staff onboard with the BFS Total Program. We are pleased to now offer Online WRSC Certification. This is the complete certification brought to teachers and coaches directly in their office or home. Over 5 hours of video presented by BFS CEO John Rowbotham teaches the lifts, logging, and performance recording that are central to a successful strength and conditioning program. Upon completion of this online course (including the online test) your staff will be WRSC Certified. This certification comes with full access to the BFS Online Learning Center and Private Facebook Group. These features mean your BFS education support will continue.

The BFS Online Certification provides the opportunity for your school, teachers, coaches and students to begin athletic training in a safe, successful and fun environment. BFS has the certification option that is right for your school whether it be In-Service or Online. We look forward to helping you get started on your path to success. 



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