Towel Bench for Variations

Towel Bench for Variations

September 15, 2023

Towel Benches are a BFS Core Lift for three reasons.

• First, an athlete gets used to a heavier weight. Normally, ten to twenty more pounds can be used on the Towel Bench. This builds more confidence for new levels on the regular bench.

• Second, it brings variety into the routine. Variety is important as this helps an athlete overcome plateaus. We guarantee that every athlete will break at least 8 personal records per week, if our BFS Set-Rep System is used. Variety is the main reason we can make that guarantee.

• Third, and most important, Towel Benches will go a long way in preventing what is call “Bench Press Shoulder”, a mild to severe pain in the shoulder joints.
As a result of doing many clinics and talking to many coaches and athletes, BFS became aware of this problem with the Bench Press. It seems that 75 percent of all athletes who Bench Press three times per week have “Bench Press Shoulder”.
Specifically, this is a dull to sharp pain in the front shoulder-joint area where the upper arm, chest, and shoulder meet. This pain comes from working out too often with too much weight.

Typically, an athlete will do benches three times a week with maximum or near maximum poundages. The real stress to this shoulder-joint area comes when the bar is one or two inches from the chest. When you think about it, stretching and putting stress on the shoulder-joint area three times a week with maximum poundages is bound to cause problems. 

To perform the Towel Bench variation all you need to do is put the Towel Bench Pad on the chest and bench. Bring the bar right down into the pad then drive up. Limiting the range of motion lessens the stress on the shoulder!

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