Training Smart With the BFS Six Absolutes

Training Smart With the BFS Six Absolutes

June 02, 2022

Biomechanics sounds like a large subject that is difficult to understand or implement in a high school strength and conditioning program. But it can be simplified and used to great effect by consolidating the bigger ideas into just a few guidelines. The BFS Six Absolutes is not a phd but is a framework that applies alignment and safety of young athletes that can give your coaches a unified teaching method for most athletic movements.

One reason the Six Absolutes are so amazingly effective is that all coaches can use the same terminology when teaching weight training and sports skills. After all, how can athletes be expected to follow instructions exactly when the instructions they receive seem different? Such confusion also goes against the concept of developing a unified program. Therefore, when teaching the squat, instead of one coach saying, "Make your chest big!" and another coach at batting practice saying, "Spread the chest!" both coaches will simply say, "Spread the chest!"

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