Agility Timer

SKU: 324038

The Agility Timer was designed to measure lateral agility. Agility refers to the ability to change directions rapidly while maintaining balance without the loss of speed.

Agility Timer Features

  • Easy to set up, all wireless 
  • Easy to use
  • Large LED Display with Digital Readouts
  • Collects two (2) times - Perfect for measuring Lateral Speed
    • Timer 1 collects directional run to the right
    • Timer 2 collects "Agility Time"
    • Times to 1000th of a second (.000 decimal)

Kit Includes

  • Agility Timer box unit
  • One (1) reflector (for use on tripod)
  • Two adjustable tripods (one for sensor box and one for reflector)
  • Operating manual and test procedures


Requires two (2) 9 volt batteries

Click here to download the Set-Up Manual