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Create Personalized, Sport-Specific Workouts
Using the Most Successful Set-Rep Computer Software Program Ever Created.

Each program is customized with the Customers Name and CANNOT BE RETURNED.
Click to download Free 30 Day Trial.

When you order:

Beat the Computer is no longer shipped on a CD.  Instead, within two business days after you order you will receive an email with the download instructions and everything you need to get up and running.  

If you want to start immediately, just download the Free 30 Day Trial from the link shown above and start with that.  When you receive the email with the link to the unlimited version just install that and everything you've done in the trial version will be automatically imported into the unlimited version.

Here's How It Works:

  • Athletes Fill-Out a Form Using Current Core and Auxiliary Lifts
  • Enter the Lifts into the Computer, which Calculates the Precise Weights for Each Set and Creates Sport-Specific Workouts
  • At the Beginning of Each Week Simply Print Out the Athlete's BFS Set-Rep Program Weekly Workout Schedule
  • Athletes Scores can be Updated at Any Time, or the Program Will Automatically Increase the Difficulty Level of the Workout

  • Here's What You Get:

  • Print Test Sheets:
    • Forms for Weights and Field Testing
    • Standard form with BFS lifts, or customized to the lifts on your workouts
  • Generate Individual Workouts:
    • Computer-Aided Workouts for Maximum Results
    • Print Weekly
    • Workouts automatically get more challenging based on the BFS Set-Rep system
  • Ironman and Power Rankings:
    • Compare to National Standards
    • Can be printed for any team, workout schedule, grade, etc.
  • Produce Top 10 Lists:
    • Challenge Your Athletes to Improve
    • Can be printed for any team, workout schedule, grade, etc
    • Can be printed for all Lifts and events or just one

    Want to get started now? Click here to Download your FREE 30 Day Trial!


    Each program is customized with the Customers Name and CANNOT BE RETURNED.
    Please get the free 30 Day Trial before you purchase if you are unsure.

    Please Note: Please include the License Name you want to use in the Comments section of your order. This License Name appears on all reports and on the screen, and is usually the name of the School or Coach. We don't allow School District or Conference names because these could be used by multiple schools.


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    System Requirements:

      • Pentium II 350 Mhz or faster processor
      • Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, or 10 desktop operating system 
        (See note below for Apple Macintosh requirements)
      • 256 MB or more of available memory (RAM)
      • Hard drive with 50 MB or more free space
        (see below for installing on a network)
      • SVGA monitor running at 800x600 resolution
        (1024x768 preferred), 256 or higher color depth
      • Windows compatible mouse or other pointing device
      • Windows compatiable printer

      The link you receive to download Beat the Computer does not expire, so if you need to reinstall and have lost your downloaded installation file you can just download it again. You must still have your Activation Information that was sent in the original email.  If you no longer have your Activation Information or have lost your original email, please contact us at

      Changing the License Name: When you receive the Programs, it is licensed to a specific coach, team, or school.  The License Name appears on the top of every report and window.  If you need to change your license name, please put in the comments when you check out the original name and information used to purchase the program.  If you are not the original purchaser we can't change the license name, you need to purchase your own copy of the program.

      Apple Macintosh:  Beat the Computer can run on an Apple Macintosh, but it requires some extra software programs that need to be obtained separately, and may cost you extra, depending on which path you choose and what software you may already have.  Click here for a PDF with a full explanation of what you need.

      Installing on a network: A single purchase of Beat the Computer can be installed on up to 50 computers within one school, and can either be installed separately on each individual computer so that no data is shared between the computers, or installed on a shared network drive so that multiple computers can share data.  Click here for a PDF document with instructions on how to install on a network drive.