Olympic Bumper Set, black, in lbs, w/OB-20KG

SKU: 5IVOBP-300LB-20


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+ Excellent training plates for colleges, gyms, or the home.
+ Compatible with OBP kg plates.
+ No recycled rubber used.
+ Unique processes eliminate offensive odors.
+ Will not damage floors.
+ Tested for durability and proper performance.

This set includes the following:

+ 1 - OB-2oKG Olympic Weightlifting Bar.
+ 1 - CO-2.5KG Olympic spin-type, compression ring collars.
+ 4 - OBP-5   Olympic Bumper Plate.
+ 2 - OBP-10 Olympic Bumper Plate.
+ 2 - OBP-25 Olympic Bumper Plate.
+ 2 - OBP-35 Olympic Bumper Plate.
+ 2 - OBP-45 Olympic Bumper Plate.