Prism Fitness Cable

SKU: 325625


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Our interchangeable Fitness Cables are all made using Progressive Layering Technology(TM) so they feel better and last longer than other extruded fitness cables (also called tubing). Use with any interchangeable handles to customize and create your own resistance system.

Use different cables for different exercises and ranges of motion - or move up to the next resistance level as you progress. Using resistance cables will help you strengthen and tone from head to toe.

  • Fitness Cables are all 5 feet long and weigh only 1lb.
  • Available in 10 different resistance strengths
    • 10 lb. - teal
    • 20 lb. - purple
    • 30 lb. - pink
    • 40 lb. - magenta
    • 50 lb. - orange
    • 60 lb. - red
    • 70 lb. - yellow
    • 80 lb. - green
    • 90 lb. - blue
    • 100 lb. - black

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