Prism Smart Stick

SKU: 325608

The Smart Stick increases the effectiveness of most exercise movements. The hands push and pull each other and "drive" the body, creating balanced, optimal range of motion from top to bottom. The unweighted version is best for flexibility and balance exercises, while the weighted version is best for strength exercises (upper body, lower body, core).

5-feet in length. Offered in both unweighted and weighted (5 lb) versions. Smooth enough to slide your hands along.

Also sold in sets of 10 for use with teams and PE classes.

Sold separately - The Smart Stick Cart has swivel wheels that can travel on multiple surfaces, both inside and out. The cart also features two locking wheels to prevent it from rolling, and an organizing grid on the top and bottom to keep the Smart Sticks in place. 

  • Stick Length: 5 feet.
  • Weight: 1 lb or 5 lbs
  • Smart Stick Cart photo shows the cart holding 40 Smart Sticks.