Quick Start 78 Felt - 3 balls/can, 24 cans



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Challenge:  I want my young students to feel like Quick Start 78 Balls are just like regular tennis balls. I don’t want them to feel like they’re being “babied” at a lower level.

Solution:  We are excited to be the first tennis ball manufacturer to offer Quick Start 60 Balls and Quick Start 78 Balls numbered in cans like regular balls. Why? If we treat young children like young adults, they will respond with more maturity and respect towards everyone around them. We made our orange-level and green-level transition balls with that in mind.

The only transition balls 
numbered like regular balls!

Choose a case of 24 cans and save! 
As low as $3.08 per can!

  • 3 balls in a can...just like regular balls...helps children feel grown up!
  • Our acrylic felt is made of greater quality and more durable than most of the competition.
  • Balls are numbered like regular balls to help children get used to taking responsibility for their own balls right from the start.
  • Buy by the case of 24 cans and resell to parents from your office or pro shop!