TAG 8 Sided Premium Ultrathane Dumbbell PAIRS


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TAG 8 SIDED PREMIUM ULTRATHANE DUMBBELLS W/STRAIGHT HANDLES - All priced as pairs - 8 Sided Design to prevent rolling Textured Finish to eliminate fingerprints
One-piece solid cast and steel head designed encased in Ultrathane offers accurate weight and precision balance Will not spin or come loose like bulky bolt-together dumbbells; Secure Dumbbell System Construction
8 Sided Premium Ultrathane 5 year warranty covers defects in workmanship to the original owner under normal usage. Normal usage does not include dropping, throwing or bouncing.

Sets Available!

U8DB-5-50 set Complete set 5-50lbs 8 Sided Ultrathane DB's (10 pairs)
U8DB-5-75 set Complete set 5-75lbs 8 Sided Ultrathane DB's (15 pairs) 15 prs.
U8DB-55-100 set Complete set 55-100lbs 8 Sided Ultrathane DB's (10 pairs) 
U8DB-7.5-27.5 set Complete set 7.5-27.5lbs 8 Sided Ultrathane DB's (5 pairs)