TruFit - The UNIT 2.0

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Thanks for checking out the UNIT™ 2.0, one of the most versatile fitness systems in the world.

When you purchase the UNIT™ you are getting the best. No other exercise product offers more bang for the buck than the UNIT™ 2.0. Thanks to TruFit's® climbing inspired design, the UNIT™ boasts a long list of quality features and ground-breaking functions. When considered against the price of most 'single use' fitness products, the UNIT™ becomes the clear choice. The UNIT 2.0 is the first, and last, multi-functional fitness product you'll ever have to buy.


UNIT™ 2.0 Main Features

Dual Anchor Attachment
  • Provides increased user stability over single anchor setups.
  • Allows for unilaterally off-load of the resistance.
  • Provides 2 secure attachment points verses 1.
Multiple Use Handle
  • Allows for handle attachment to resistance bands and cable equipment.
  • Handle allows for 2 hands to securely hold onto one handle.
  • Hidden foot strap inside handle provides secure foot placement when needed.
T6, Heat Treated Aircraft Aluminum
  • Provides color quality and longevity to all UNIT™ components.
  • Allows for detailed laser engraved instruction and custom branding.
  • Ensures product integrity and UIAA quality Standards (United International Alpine Association)
Climbing Grade Adjustment Points
  • Creates a 3 point quick adjustment option for fast paced environments
  • Ensures a no-slip, no-fail exercise experience
  • Master adjustment available for various overhead heights
Climbing Grade Webbing
  • Provides soft to skin touch. Webbing is not abrasive and suited for contact with user.
  • Webbing is dynamic and manufactured to stretch before ever breaking.
  • Allows for greater user options and experience levels.

Technical Specs:

  • Nylon Webbing = 9Kn
  • Upper Attachment Ring = 30Kn
  • Adjustable Auto-Locking Buckle = 9Kn
  • Carabiner = 24Kn
  • Manufacturer = Mad Rock Climbing


  1. When inspecting the Aluminum Handle, notice the edges where the webbing exits the handle are smooth. This prevents the handle from cutting into the webbing when in use and extends the life of your system. Additionally you will notice a pinch in at the handle ends. This prevents slippage of the handle when held in an offset hand position.
  2. When observing the handle and carabiner together you will notice you can remove the aluminum handle completely if desired. This can be beneficial when using the UNIT's™ foot straps or when performing QUAD™ exercises.
  3. The hidden foot strap inside the handle can be used in multiple ways.  Use the large opening for basic suspended leg exercises. Use the smaller option for a tighter fit when performing dynamic workouts or QUAD™ exercises.
  4. To prevent unwanted abrasions during contact with the UNIT™ during exercise, rubber guards were added everywhere at sharp edge could potentially exist. These protected edges are were the nylon webbing was cut.
  5. The handle grips are removable, washable and replaceable. You can switch out to a fresh set between users, use the handle without a grip or wrap with athletic tape.
  6. It is recommended you inspect every component for to ensure the safety of your workout. Any component or system that appears defective should be discontinued in use and returned to TruFit® for a replacement component.