Bars and Collars

Due to our unprecedented global situation and the responses of individual communities to the COVID-19 pandemic BFS suppliers are in varying states of production and shipping. BFS is working closely with all parties to keep products available while respecting the health and safety concerns of all involved.
We will continue to maintain contact with our customers on shipping lead times and products available on orders placed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Bigger Faster Stronger has a huge assortment of bars and collars. All your favorite brands, York, Solid Bar, BFS, Cap, Rage and more. 

Find bars for every budget and every ability level. From 15lb training bars to heavy-duty powerlifting bars, hex bars to straight bars, BFS has you covered and right now is the time to save money.

Find High Quality SOLID BAR bars on sale for 20% off through October 2020! Use discount code 2020SOLID at checkout!