Be an 11 and Leadership Online Course - Section 2 only

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BFS Be an 11 and Leadership course now available online.

The full, legendary BFS BE AN 11 Seminar is now available for distance learning! This online course is the full Be An 11 broken into chapters for ease of presenting as class assignments over time, perfect for Health or PE, or as a one day intensive training for teams and clubs!

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You can purchase now and save with our introductory price even if you intend to take the course later. Your time to complete the course does not start until you login for the first time.  So save now even if you don't intend to to take the course until next year!

Individuals, Teachers, and Coaches all over the country have found the benefits of the BFS Be an 11 and Leadership Courses.  And now you can complete this personal development and leadership course without leaving your home or school.

Within two business days of ordering, you will receive an email with the links and information you need to complete your course.  

The course in three sections, and each section has multiple chapters.

This product is for purchasing Section 2 only.  To purchase all the sections, or other individual sections, use these links:

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 Course Contents

Section 1 - Leadership

  • Introduction to Be an 11
  • Communication
  • Attitude and Choice
  • Winning

Section 2 - Mental Game

  • GAP 
  • Mind & Vision 
  • Opponents
  • Social Responsibility

Section 3 - Goal Setting

  • Athletic & Life Goal Setting
  • Academic Goal Setting
  • Service Goal Setting

Upon completion of the course, a PDF Course Completion Certificate is available on Request.