Upright Bike

SKU: 5mdmd-ub

Sleek New Bikes

For those who prefer cycling, the new cardio offering also includes two sleek bikes in upright and recumbent format. Both the units are self-powered so there’s no need for complicated or messy cabling when installing them (along with the associated electricity costs). The upright bike features a wireless heart rate monitor and compact footprint, making it suitable for facilities where space is at a premium. The recumbent bike has a step-thru design to accommodate those with mobility challenges, as well as wireless heart rate monitoring and an ergonomically designed back support.

This Is Just the Start

This is just the start of Muscle D's cardio range expansion. In cooperation with the internationally renowned manufacturer, Shuhua Co. Ltd, Muscle D is also working to bring a rower and elliptical trainer to our customers. Shuhua Co. Ltd is one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in Asia, with a wealth of experience in developing high-quality products that meet the rigorous demands of US gym environments.