P2P Fit and Safe

Due to our unprecedented global situation and the responses of individual communities to the COVID-19 pandemic BFS suppliers are in varying states of production and shipping. BFS is working closely with all parties to keep products available while respecting the health and safety concerns of all involved.
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P2P Fit and Safe : Lets Get Started 

We start by having the P2P Fit and Safe team of professionals run an on-site seminar and practical skills workshop at your location. This will require up to a 5-hour introduction that will include a lecture program and complete practical skills workshop followed up with full time of questions and answers with our team, all support materials and a full access to our web-based curriculum support. We invite any and all from the school and entire community to attend this on-site seminar and workshop. You will not be disappointed.

After the on-site seminar and workshop is complete, each school or precinct will have the full understanding of how to easily and fully implement the training tiers of P2P Fit and Safe. The school or precinct will have detailed instruction with the P2P Fit and Safe lesson plan and training books provided. The school or precinct will access to the team of professionals with P2P Fit and Safe through online webinars and emails to guide, assist and answer any questions that may arise. 

P2P Fit and Safe was designed to fit your schedule. This program can be taught and taken once a day, once a week, it is great for a weekend schedule, there is simply no schedule this program cannot fit in to. The important thing is to start this critical training. 

When you become part of the P2P Fit and Safe Network, you are not alone. Stronger and Safer schools and communities, we are in this together. 

Explore and choose from the program options below that best fit your needs. 

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