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  • Includes software support package with free software upgrades for the life of the product as well as technical support - 3 year warranty

Make better athletes through balanced, symmetrical development. By tracking exercises including vertical jumps on one and on both legs as well as monitoring stride symmetry the OptoJump gives you the knowledge to improve your athletes!

Acquiring the fundamental parameters that characterize the level of an individual's performance Optojump allows coaches and teachers to easily monitor their athletes making it possible to ascertain the abilities of an athlete in a simple and immediate way.


  • Assess performance and physical condition
  • Rapidly identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to various workloads
  • Develop customized and diversified training/rehabilitation based on the test results
  • Periodically check the results and the effectiveness of treatment
    Create a database of subjects
  • Motivate subject by providing tangible evidence of progress

Can also be used in conjunction with the WITTY Timer.