Championship Camps and The Total Program

Training with the BFS Total Program works!

Tracking an athletes progression through an efective and succesful program gives coaches the confidence their athletes are ready to compete!

The Bigger Faster Stronger Total Program is a total conditioning program for all athletes regardless of sport, age or gender. No other program can compare with BFS. You cannot help but succeed – and succeed in a big way. Every detail of the BFS Program has been tested with tens of thousands of athletes over 40 years. You will win!

The BFS Program is designed to increase all aspects of athletic performance. Jump higher, run faster, throw farther, hit harder and be more explosive. The BFS Program is perfect for any sport, for any athlete, male or female. It also creates unbelievable intensity and progress in the weightroom. We guarantee that every athlete will break at least eight personal records per week – week after week, month after month, year after year. No other program comes even close!

One of the most unique aspects of the BFS program, and the one that can radically turn around struggling athletic programs to winning programs, is the concept of unification.

Unification is the idea that all high school athletes, and most college athletes for that matter, should adhere to the same training philosophy. This means that regardless of sport, all athletes perform the same Core Weight Training Exercises, the same Speed and Agility exercises, and the same Flexibility and Plyometric exercises – and this applies to all sports, from football players to basketball players to swimmers.

At BFS, we believe that all high school and most college athletes should perform the same basic strength and conditioning program and that all coaches should teach the same training philosophy, regardless of the sport. Such organization reduces teaching time, prevents administrative hassles and personality conflicts, and improves athletic performance.

One of the worst problems for the multisport athlete is having each coach prescribe a unique strength and conditioning program. I've visited many high schools where the football coach did an intense program primarily with free weights and the girls’ basketball coach did little strength training with free weights and used only machines. The girls’ coach would say, “My girls are intimidated by free weights,” and would, therefore, limit their strength training to inferior exercises on a multi-station machine. The boys’ baseball coach would tell the players, “Weights will make you muscle-bound,” and would have them do no strength training whatsoever. It’s easily possible that a high school may have as many as seven different strength-training programs! The same goes for other areas of training: speed, warm-up, endurance, agility, plyometrics, and flexibility. Unification and The BFS Total Program is the solution!

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