Flexibility and Conditioning

Flexibility Training – It’s As Easy As 1-2-3-4!

There are two reasons that the BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Program is important to any athlete’s training:

  • First, we stretch for speed and jumping power
  • Second, we perform each stretch perfectly, using the principles of the Six Absolutes.
"We used the BFS program because it was a template for success; it was straightforward and made sense – it didn’t dwell on just lifting, but hit flexibility and plyometrics and helped our multi-sport athletes still lift during the season."

Kevin Belcher, Head Football Coach
Central High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Flexibility Program In-Depth Information

The importance of a sound flexibility program is critical in order for athletes to reach their full potential. Flexibility exercises have the potential for reducing injury severity, reducing injury frequency, reducing soreness, contributing to fitness, improving motor performance, assisting in relaxation and increasing joint range of motion.

There is a difference between flexibility stretching and warm-up. A warm-up is an activity that raises the body temperature and increases blood flow. Flexibility is the range of motion possible at a specific joint. Furthermore, cold muscles and other tissues are more susceptible to injury. Therefore, a warm-up must precede stretching and strenuous activity in order to reduce the chance of injury and to allow the greatest possible length of the tissues during stretching exercises.

BFS regards stretching as a separate exercise regimen, like plyometrics and weight training. Stretching is not part of a warm-up or cool-down for physical activity that athletes need to do only occasionally. The BFS Stretching Program is as easy as 1-2-3-4, named so because it consists of 11 stretches, divided into four groups. The first group of exercises is performed on a bench, the second standing, the third against a wall, and the fourth on the floor.

Flexibility exercises are an important part of any Athletic Program. There is no doubt that flexibility training done correctly and consistently will increase an athlete’s joint range of motion. Furthermore, many experts agree that an effective flexibility program is important in injury prevention.

Conditioning Program - In Shape, from First Quarter to Last

The BFS Program is designed for sports that require short-term endurance. For example, football players go all out for 2 to 5 seconds and then must be ready for the next play within 30 seconds.

"Our team is able to play full court run-and-jump pressure defense, as well as several other full-court attacks, thanks to the conditioning developed from the BFS system."

Chad Clutter, Head Girls Basketball Coach
Cameron High School, West Virginia

On the Tuesday and Thursday program, athletes perform 10 sprints, varying from 10 to 50 yards, with 30 seconds’ rest between sets. This high-quality work is the optimal way to train for sport-specific endurance for most sports.

In addition to the endurance training performed on Tuesday and Thursday, BFS offers a full line of Circuit Training Equipment to enhance muscular endurance. Further, BFS offers a full line of Cardio Equipment ideal for sports that require long-term endurance.