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Specialized Training Tier #1
Situational Awareness, Safety, and Security Training Program.

Authored by Law Enforcement Veteran of over 30 years, Police Chief David Ogden.

This training was developed to create a deep understanding and awareness of exactly what is the complete definition of the concepts involved in situational awareness. This training is now a must-have for every school and community. The intent of this course is too shed light on dangers and situations that are around us daily, that statistics show most people are simply unaware exist let alone the proper response to those situations. The training will provide every student, school, and community the proper tools,  experience, and training to recognize and immediately respond in the safest quickest manner possible to alleviate the risk of harm to save their life and the lives of others. Highly trained law enforcement personnel and education have designed this portion of the P2P Fit and Safe program. It is essential to include many aspects of psychology and sociology within this course to get the utmost importance conveyed and to have a powerful positive impact. This allows for a smooth transition in answering important questions about safety and security all the while to help create and maintain a safe environment for all to succeed, be safe and to change the lives of everyone in our schools and communities. BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #2 
Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap Training Program. 

Developed and Co-Authored by Law Enforcement Veteran Detective Jason Winner.

The Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap Program was developed and formulated to help build create and maintain a powerful and positive relationship between the youth and the law-enforcement community.  This powerful and uplifting program shows our youth and takes them past and beyond their image of police as “ just a badge “, and shows them that there is someone behind the badge. In doing this, this portion of the P2P program is here to show the youth that the men and women that make up their law-enforcement community are moms and dads, husbands and wives, people just like them, they are not against them but are there to help whenever called upon and needed. This fosters a real encounter to promote a reality check of what civic duty means and is within their cultures and worlds. It also allows for discourse beyond social media and political lines for the youth to learn and appreciate what public service does and how they can all work together to ‘patrol’ their community to be safe and fun. The programs focus is to target those at a young age and their level of development and growth. This has the power to have an impact on schools, families, and communities. A  strong trusting foundation between the youth and law-enforcement community is vital and can have a  generational impact. This program course will tie into other chapters within this course to tie in all aspects of our social and integral connections and issues. This training has the local law-enforcement officers coming into the schools a minimum of one day per week. Actually training alongside the students,  motivating each other, building camaraderie, all while truly creating a strong trusting and powerful bond that will serve our schools and our communities well for years to come.  BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #3
Enough is Enough: The Voice Against All Bullying.

Authored by Law Enforcement Veterans and Field Professionals 

This training program has been created to address all elements and aspects of all bullying, as well as social psychological and psychopathological reasons for bullying and the nonintervention of bystanders. We will understand the importance of how to immediately recognize the signs of a bully and how to safely respond.  Statistics show bullying is at an all-time high and most students have been or know someone that has been a victim of bullying in some way shape or form. The sad truth is bullying is on the rise and must be addressed, and this program has been created to give every student the proper training and information on how to stop it. Another aspect of this training is to prevent the psychological victimization of those affected, but also to prevent the incident by reducing the factors that make one a victim. This program will also address the bully, providing training and teaching and helping to shed light on the possible reasons and why they choose to express their emotions in an aggression rather than a constructive manner. The effort to stop bullying and to lead a healthy and positive life includes a connection with the other P2P Fit and Safe program courses. This as all other courses are designed to interact and connect the different aspects of our relationships with others. At P2P Fit and Safe, we truly believe every person matters and no one deserves to be bullied.  BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #4
15 Week Physical, Mental and Character Building and Wellness Program. 

Authored by TJ / T-Rex / Daniel / Police Chief David Ogden

This tier of the P2P Fit and Safe training program was developed to not only create the best overall physical work out that will work profoundly in every single person regardless of age or ability but also was developed to create a strong mind while building strong character. Training is typically done in a team setting, teaching and learning the importance of teamwork. The importance of motivating one another and being a positive presence in the lives of others is also an essential aspect of human nature that is needed to maintain a positive behavior and attitude. This system is being used successfully at all levels, including professional athletes, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, parents and students of all ages. The training method utilizes high-intensity training, which is specifically designed to allow for dramatic results,  regardless of age or fitness level. Each week of this program has a focused title and has a focus on a  strong character trait. We challenge each person participating to memorize the weekly character trait and to diligently focus on living out that trait throughout the entire week. The unique design of this course is to safely strengthen and build a strong body mind and character. This program is interactive with other P2P  Fit and Safe programs and is used to enhance the mental energy by having a physical release and expression. The self-spotting aspect of this training makes it the perfect fit for any person, regardless of age gender or ability. The result of a focusing on all aspects of strong body, mind, and character can and will have an impact in our schools and communities for generations to come. BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #5 
Teacher and Staff Safety and Wellness Program

Authored by TJ / Daniel / Police Chief David Ogden.

This training program was designed with our teachers and staff safety and wellness as the focus. This training will provide every participating teacher and staff member the safest and proper responses in what statistics are showing to be the top critical concerns for teachers and staff members that they may face time and time again. This program provides and includes a top exercise and fitness program designed for any teacher or staff member regardless of age or ability to take part in and expect profound results.  This program also ties into other P2P Fit and Safe Specialized Training Tier programs to avail the connection between health, stress, anxiety and duty to perform. This unique appreciation for the instructor and staff situations has allowed us to train and to provide a means for a healthy and positive alternative to the effects that stress and anxiety have on our school staff. Our teachers are a critical part of our children ’s lives and have earned and deserve our highest respect. We at P2P Fit and Safe understand that if we are to address students, schools and communities safety, we must first provide this training to the teachers and staff that play such a vital role in the lives of our youth each and every day. This training is our way of saying to the teachers and staff a much deserved Thank You For All Each Of You Do!  BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #6 
Suicide Awareness and Wellbeing Training Program.

Authored by Law Enforcement Veterans and Field Professionals. 

This training has been created to teach every school, staff, and student the signs, symptoms and proper response to suicide awareness and sigs as it pertains to interpersonal and relationships that we encounter.  By understanding the aspects and awareness of suicide, we can create a personalized community of care within the student body for support and well-being. Suicide is real and must be addressed as a matter of concern, not only for the one considering in its attempt, but the others that it affects. Proper recognition of signs and feelings are only the beginning of what must be addressed and taught, as many behaviors associated with the culmination of suicide are also associated with aggression and destructive behaviors. The subject of suicide is a very sensitive and socially obscure subject. This program will not only address the symptoms but will in detail, cover the steps needed for a positive outcome. The occurrence of suicide on or off school grounds is tragic and horrific, the severity of a single event is immeasurable.  We must remember that suicide is preventable and treatment through peer and professional support along with local counseling hotlines can create and foster a greater appreciation for a happier life than to succumb to the tragedy of fear and depression. In this course of study within the P2P Fit and Safe Tier # 6, it is adhered to the strictest of confidentiality and will associate competent local resources for counseling and assistance.  BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS

Specialized Training Tier #7 
Social Media Awareness, Safety and Education Training Program.  

Authored by Law Enforcement Professionals, and Experts in the field.

  As part of the focus in the P2P Fit and Safe model, this course was designed to help every participant to gain a deeper understanding of social media along with the ever-growing dangers that come along with it. This program will bring to light dangers most of us are not even aware of and to make aware that what was once an innovation in technology, is now used criminally. In our ever-growing technological world,  social media awareness is now as important as homeland security anti-terror and identity theft. This training will teach all participants the “do’s and don’ts” of social media, and how awareness and recognition of the signs of danger will empower them with a proper response. This training will also teach how to create and maintain a positive social media existence while maintaining a diligent awareness of the increasing dangers. Statistic analysis of cyber interactions shows that teens are being exposed to and put into dangerous situations through social media now more than conventional means of contact. Other health and psychological concerns are now coming into focus as our youthful generation is being affected by cyber relationships and interactions. Prevention of cyber-inflicted issues can only start with human intervention and behavioral modifications. This course will also engage participants in other P2P Fit and  Safe courses for interactivity and social enrichment.  BACK TO TOP - BACK TO P2P HOME - BACK TO P2P SEMINARS



1. Question: Are there classroom sessions, or are they all done around the exercise equipment?

Answer: Good question. The P2P Fit and Safe utilize the one of a kind P2P Elite Body Conditioning (EBC) unit, but the classes need not be around the unit. This program is flexible and can be held in a classroom or anywhere and then to the EBC when the portion for physical training is to start. It also is flexible enough to encompass both curriculum instruction and physical training at the same time which is a very powerful and healthy combination. Take a look at Training Tier 4 Physical, Mental and Character Wellness and see how we fused both thought process and physical exertion in one class.


2. Question: When you are done with the training, is the school staff able to carry out the program?

Answer: Absolutely Positively Yes, the goal of the P2P Fit and Safe Program is to empower the school or educational mentoring curriculum with all that it needs to run the program in their area. This entails a full on-site seminar from the professionals of the team P2P Fit and Safe, lecture program with demonstration and practical skills workshops; and then followed up with support materials and web-based curriculum support. Follow up workshops will be announced when P2P Fit and Safe is in your region or area. The team of P2P Fit and Safe will be available through emails as well to guide and answer any questions that may arise. Stronger, Safer schools and communities, we are in this together. 


3. Question: In the Cops and Kids: Bridging the Gap Program, what are the connections suggested (and needed) with local law enforcement?

Answer: The Cops and Kids: Bridging the Gap Program is a unique and powerful law enforcement outreach program aimed at restoring and edifying public interest and trust in their First Responders. By providing physical and mentorship support to the community, your local law enforcement can make a valued impact in connecting with the vulnerable age group of youth and provide positive and experienced feedback to those attending. This powerful program will allow the local Law Enforcement Officers to come into the school on a weekly basis and train alongside the students of the school. This is the perfect platform to teach all the tiers that makeup P2P Fit and Safe. This is a powerful platform to build and maintain a strong, trusting relationship between the communities local Law Enforcement and the youth and adults alike of the community truly benefiting everyone. This program is being run in schools with exceptional results. 


4. Question: In the Situational Awareness program, what does that entail, and what other classes does that work with?

Answer: The P2P Fit and Safe Tier 1 Training Situational Awareness Safety and Security Training Program is based on a real-world scenario research and investigations on emergency and criminal investigations on how to avoid and prevent victimization. The course touches on the psychological, emotional, physiological and cognitive aspects of the human when under a stressful encounter. These include depression, school aggression and violence, bullying, and hostile relationships in and outside of school. This as in all the classes utilizes a physical component that encourages and empowers self-esteem, confidence, and self-reliance in their ability to cope and function as positive members of their community. This training is critical. Studies show that the majority of our students do not know what Situational Awareness even is let alone the proper and safest way to respond when a critical situation arises. This must change. 


5.Question: What does the P2P Fit and Safe Program do? What materials are needed and what does it come with?

Answer: Great question, the P2P Fit and Safe is for any age student or adult. It comprises of a combined 7 Specialized Training Tier Programs, each of which are interactive and associated with each other. The basis of the program is to integrate character building, awareness and wellness in each of the courses so that the participants can understand, adapt and respond to either physical or mental issues that they are encountering in life. This program has left no stone unturned when it comes to preparing, teaching and training both youth and adults like what is required for stronger, safer schools and communities. 


6. Question: Are there support materials, field support, references and testimonials we can review?

Answer: Yes, P2P Fit and Safe omhas a full support team to help you understand each of the 7 Training Tiers courses chapters and programs. As the programs grow, more support and future follow up workshops will be available to schools or individual agencies to get recent and up to date references and research materials. Testimonials and explanations can be found on our websites www.saferschoolsfoundation.org and at www.p2pfitandsafe.com. 


7. Question: What is the physical requirements for the equipment? What kind of training is included for staff, students, parents, etc? Are certain staff trained to be able to continue the training/teaching process for more students and staff in the current year or in future years? 

Answer: There are no physical or age requirements for the P2P EBC unit. This apparatus utilizes systematic body weight and exertion processes known as isometric and multi-functional dynamic movements. It is safe to use as no moving parts or weights are connected. Coordination, flexibility, endurance, and strength are the physical attributes to the program; and mental endurance, emotional confidence and esteem are the psychological attributes. All of these and more are provided in workshop training for both adult and student staff which can include athletic trainers, school security, coaches, administrators, and student mentors. The program is on-going from year to year and as new updates and editions to the program come to your facility, that renewal workshop and training to your staff will be provided. P2P Fit and Safe will provide in detail 15 weeks of training sessions, ramping up in intensity and difficulty with each passing week. This training is one of a kind that has and is being used successfully by Athletes at every level, SWAT, law enforcement, firefighters, coaches, parents, trainers, military, high school, and middle school students of all abilities. Done in a group setting, always done in 30 minutes or less, this program is ideal for any and every human being. 


8.Question: If there are 800 students in the school, who gets the training? Is this a onetime training, or will this be something used for each year? Are certain staff trained to be able to continue the training/teaching process for more students and/or staff in the current year or in future years?

Answer: As stated in question 7, the initial staff training called ‘Train the Trainer’ will be provided prior to the inception of the P2P Fit and Safe Program. Members of the facilities staff including security, teachers, coaches, athletic trainers and even school resource officers can be part of the training team. This training is ongoing and can be carried from one school year to another. The program is also flexible to accommodate large and small participant populations to get involved. Any student or age can participate regardless of physical exercise experience or ability. Yes, that’s right, any ability or disability or not…. can use this program. It’s about personal involvement and not about social inclusion. When we separate the maxim of ‘Us and Them’; we can all get involved to work on how we are similar rather than how we differ. This program was designed to effectively train up to 50 even more students at any given time. The school can not have too many students that this program will not accommodate. From the initial P2P Fit and Safe on-site seminar, how to effectively teach and train any number of students will be covered in detail. From day # 1 you are and will not be alone. P2P Fit and Safe is and will remain to help guide you in any area needed. Stronger and Safer schools and communities, we are in this together.  


10. Question: Why is this program is so good to protect the school and the students? What are the different aspects of training- physical, mental, students, teachers, parents, etc?

Answer: This is the very basis of the P2P Fit and Safe Program. It was designed not only by Law Enforcement and First Responders who have extensive experience and research in this subject; but also using aspects from Sports Medicine Specialists and Forensic Psychology to help develop a program with the mind and emotions as part of the physical entity as well. We have found that what is missing in many school programs is the correlation between the physical duress of everyday living and the emotional fear of societal uncertainty. When we target the weakness of the human spirit as it deals with communication, intelligence, relationships, and belief; we are able to understand why aggression and violence are in society as well as why some behaviors are important to understanding as it challenges our safety. In addition, the aspects of esteem are over-emphasized, but the importance of self-worth is under-utilized. The P2P Fit and Safe Program put reality into perspective both physically through integrated exercise and thought-provoking psychological exercise. That is why there are several aspects being trained in each of the 7 Specialized Training Tiers available. 


10. Question: What type of staff is eligible to be trained and to participate in the program?  

Answer: Any staff member or volunteer can be trained in this program. It is their life experience that will benefit them in helping others, which is more important to the youth than a world of knowledge and credentials they cannot see. Every participant in the ‘Train the Trainer’ team will be given a full extensive training course with all the materials that the course provides. As part of the foundation of the programs research and development, local law enforcement, first responders, as well as government resource bases are used to support this programs reference and scholarly derived materials and lectures. In addition, a proposal is being made to include your local university and colleges to participate in research assistance with the program in your community. This allows for a follow up to higher education relationships between school and institution, as well as a means for graduate level students to help scholastic level students make educational and career choices in the future.  


11. Question: Which of the 7 Specialized Training Tiers Are The Most Important?

Answer: Each of the 7 Specialized Training Tiers are of critical importance. It is one of the things that make P2P Fit and Safe so powerful and unique. We did not focus on just one area, this program focused on everything needed to help build, create, teach, train and maintain all that is needed and required for stronger and safer schools and communities. This program was designed so each and every person can participate, learn, understand and grow in all of the critical areas of this powerful program. 


12. Question: Why character wellness and what is it?

Answer: A strong character is something that is often overlooked. We at P2P Fit and Safe believe a strong character and the values it brings to one's life and those around him or her are immeasurable. This program will give each participant a new Strong Character Trait each week of the 15 weeks. Each participant will be challenged to memorize the trait and its definition plus commit to focusing on applying the trait to every aspect of their lives throughout that week. This focus alone will have an impact that will serve them well the remainder of their lives. Stronger, safer schools and communities start with good character.  


13. Question: Can this be taught as a weekend class.

Answer: Absolutely. This program has been designed to fit your schedule. This program was created with the understanding that we are all busy and there is simply not a wrong time to start and learn this vital program. 


14. Question: Once I go through the course, should I be done or can I go through it again next year?

Answer: Please go through it again. This was not designed to go through once and be done. You will pick up certain things each and every time you participate and go through the training. P2P Fit and Safe will be continually updating new training and research. We highly recommend to never stop this training program. Go through this training thoroughly start to finish year after year. You Can Not Be To Safe.  


15. Question: What if our school cannot afford the P2P Fit and Safe Program. Do we have options and is help available.

Answer: It is our goal and there is not one student, not one school that will not have the opportunity to participate in this powerful program. If needed we have financing available to fit your needs. We are also excited to announce our partnership with a fantastic 501c3 Non-Profit Group Safer Schools Foundation. They are committed to helping meet the financial needs of a school or organization if help is needed in order to get them this program and all it has to offer. You can view them at www.saferschoolsfoundation.org