P2P Fit and Safe

P2P Fit and Safe - Investing in today’s youth - Preparing tomorrow’s leaders

This program goes way beyond training for how to respond once a crisis happens. This program is designed to reach the youth with the goal of PREVENTING a tragedy from occurring by having them work together. Learn and communicate and to see each other as fellow human beings that matter and are valuable, learning to respect each other.Focusing on PREVENTING a tragedy is a critical, founding principle of P2P Fit and Safe. 

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Welcome to the P2P Fit and Safe Program. Our mission is to ensure that every youth is safe and valued while having the tools and training needed to help reach their full potential.

P2P Fit and Safe has been designed to fit your schedule. Perfect for in - or after school program. 

P2P Fit and Safe training has been proven to have a significant impact in the lives of many, helping to reduce anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and bullying behavior all while learning the critical 7 tier training program. The program was strategically designed to be done in small groups to build and maintain a sense of community.

The small group meets once or twice per week for 15 weeks. Sessions are one hour in duration, with 30-minutes of physical exercise and 30-minutes of team study and interaction.

Component 1: Physical Exercise

Time required: 30 minutes

Countless evidence-based studies have documented the positive impact of exercise, including helping individuals reduce pain, overcome substance abuse, overcome bullying behaviors and improve sleep. Exercise reduces reduction in anxiety, social isolation, suicidal thoughts, and other symptoms that impact our youth daily.

Team Setting

Designed by P2P Fit and Safe, the Crusader was designed specifically to be done in small groups and teams. Due to its ingenious design, the Crusader creates an inclusive community where everyone works out together, regardless of their physical ability or limitations. No one is excluded or left out.

Learning how to work as a team is essential for each of us and will benefit our schools, communities and our workforce. The Crusader recognizes and honors this commitment to teamwork and was designed for up to 50 plus teammates to use at once. Teammates support each other, encourage each other, and new friendships are formed while working out on the Crusader.

Comprehensive Design and Impact

The Crusader’s comprehensive and innovative design promotes strength both physically and mentally at once with building and maintaining strong character at its core.

Countless participants both young and old have used the Crusader with inspiring results. By creating a revolutionary exercise machine designed with teamwork in mind, the Crusader allows each and every person to reap the rewards of exercise together.

Bodies get stronger. Hearts get lighter. Minds gets clearer.

Neurological Benefits

The Crusader was designed to bring strength and healing to the body and mind. The mind benefits from the release of an “endorphin volcano.”

In only 30-minutes of using the Crusader, participants experience neurological benefits. The neurological benefits of exercise are well-documented and undisputed. Exercise increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. Exercise also promotes brain plasticity by stimulating growth of new connections between cells in many important areas of the brain. It improves cognitive function, elevates mood, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves sleep.

An “endorphin volcano” occurs as the brain releases five extremely power chemicals, including:

 1. Serotonin 4. Dopamine
2. Norepinephrine 5. Endorphins
3. B.D.N.F


Component 2: Team Study and Interaction

Time required: 30 minutes

The first component of a session focuses on physical exercise; the second component focuses on team study and interaction. During these 30-minutes, team members are encouraged to support themselves and each other as they learn and discuss the training provided in each of the 7 specialized training tiers.

Participants receive evidence-based training materials, including two fully detailed program study guide books.

We Are In This Together

We are relentless in ensuring that participants know how to fully leverage the P2P Fit and Safe Training Program.When a new system is ordered, we fly to the location. We set up the system and train you how to use it. By the time we leave, you will have a full understanding of how the system works, resources to support you and the participants, and a dedicated contact person from our team who is available to answer any questions you have. We are in this together.

Two Day On Site Seminar

We fly P2P Fit and Safe training experts to your location to hold a two day introduction seminar.

Day 1: Train the trainer

We train your facility, local officers and adults that you invite how to fully implement and run this program.

Day 2: Investing in today’s youth

Preparing tomorrow’s leaders! We partner with your facility and those from the previous day to teach, train and pour into the youth of your community!

Bridging The Gap

We believe in the power of connection and community. Bridging the Gap is designed to foster connection and community between youth and their community police officers. They will have an opportunity to learn from each other. When connections are made, everyone benefits. Bridging the Gap also affords youth new insights and discoveries regarding respect for their community, their country, and their local police officers.

Investing in today’s youth Preparing tomorrow’s leaders! 

Working together we can, and will, accomplish our mission to ensure each and every youth is safe and valued. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, we must do all we can to help prepare them!


P2P Fit and Safe Is proudly sponsored by:

Safer Schools Foundation www.SaferSchoolsFoundation.org

Reversing Racism
Our team is committed in doing our very best helping end all racism and hate. We firmly believe all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 
The time is Now !

Safety, security and situational awareness systems founder: 
Police Chief David Ogden 

The P2P’s Fit and Safe Programs Mission and Purpose is to build stronger and safer schools and communities. P2P encourages each student to reach their full potential while taking pride in themselves, their school and community.

The P2P team includes SWAT and law enforcement leaders, trainers, world champion athletes, coaches, and nutritionists. The team is committed to P2P's mission to build stronger and safer students, schools and communities.

The P2P program offers a unique and powerful training program for all schools. Through the specialized training, students gain confidence and leadership skills while engaging in safety and security training.

P2P Impresses Nationwide

CLICK HERE to learn how the P2P has impacted programs, athletes, coaches and youth across the USA

Now available for the first time ever, the P2P Fit and Safe Program is here and offers a unique, much needed and powerful training program for all schools and gyms. All who participate will gain confidence and leadership skills while being taught and trained in the seven specialized training programs that make up P2P Fit and Safe. 

P2P Fit and Safe is a 7 Tier Specialized Training Program.

P2P Fit and Safe On-Site Seminars taught by the team's professionals include the following:

# 1: Situational Awareness, Safety, and Security Training Program Designed and Authored by SWAT Veteran / Police Chief David Ogden. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

# 2: Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap Training Program. Designed and authored by Sgt. Jason Winner. CLICK FOR MORE INFO 

# 3: Enough is Enough; The Voice and Training to help end all bullying. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

# 4: 15 Week Whole Body Physical, Mental and Character Building Training Program. This includes the first-ever self-spotting, small group training rack able to accommodate up to 50 participants at a time all while focusing on promoting physical, mental and character wellness. Designed and Authored by Professional Law Enforcement and Athletic Trainers along with Coaches of all levels. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

# 5: Teacher and Staff safety and wellness training program. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

# 6: Suicide Awareness and Well Being training program. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

# 7: Social Media Safety, Awareness and Education Training Program. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Meet The P2P Trainers

Chief David Ogden,  Daniel,  TJ, Travis “T-Rex” Smith, Sgt. Jason Winner We strive to ensure that the health, safety and well being of our students, schools, and communities will remain our top priority - they are the product of the future, therefore the nation's most important investment now." CLICK HERE 

P2P Fit and Safe Ambassadors

Chief David Ogden

P2P Fit and Safe - Safety, security and situational  awareness systems founder

David Ogden has been in law enforcement for 30 years and is currently the chief of police for the Windemere police department in Florida. Chief Ogden spent 14 years as a member of SWAT and led a regional agency that provided intelligence to policymakers. He is a lifelong advocate, instructor, and student of developing leadership initiatives in the law-enforcement profession.

Chief Ogden has been a martial artist for 30 years. He believes in tactical self-defense and has integrated his unique background of mental preparation for critical encounters, law-enforcement defensive tactics, and martial arts skills into a complete self-defense system. Chief Ogden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. He resides in Florida with his family. LEARN MORE ABOUT CHIEF OGDEN

Tom Stroup

Tom Stroup - P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador

  • 5 time international SWAT competition champion

  • Gold Medalist in Police Olympics.

  • Swat team commander with over 3,000 missions.

  • Master's degree from UCF. Founder PWR Training.

"Now more than ever before, we need to ensure that our students, schools, and communities are safe. The P2P Program is aimed at doing just that, and it belongs in every school, in every state. I've spent decades in law enforcement and have seen firsthand the power of partnering with communities toward a common goal. The P2P Program has my highest endorsement."

June 4th, 1969 - Lost both legs in the Vietnam War
4-Time World Record holder in the bench press - 507 lbs.
1982-1986 walked across America on his arms in 3 years 8 months and 6 days.
1990-1991 former strength and motivation coach, Green Bay Packers
1994 People Magazine one of “Six Most Amazing Americans”’- 
1995 “Most Courageous Man in America” “National Award for Courage” by the NFLPA with the Jim Thorpe Foundation.
Competed in the New York City, Los Angeles, Nad Marine Corps marathons 
Iron Man Only double amputee to complete the Ironman triathlon without a wheelchair
2001, Vietnam Veteran Foundation “Man of the Year’
2005, named one of the “Top 100 Sports Stories of the Past 100 Years” LA Herald Examiner
2011-2013 Journeyed 3,100 miles hand bike across America and back
2015 Recognized as a Star on Flag for Hope, along with many notables across the nation honoring flag and country

Bob “Mr. Inspiration” Wieland
American Hero - P2P Ambassador, Motivational Speaker

As the former strength coach of the NFL Green Bay Packers, I know what works and what doesn’t. I wish I would have had access to this when I was with the Packers. From teaching and showing our youth how important they are, to building self-esteem and team camaraderie. I can not describe the power of the 15 week physical mental and character building program when this is done alongside all that the P2P Program offers, you have a program to ignite students schools and communities in a very powerful and positive way. I give P2P Fit and Safe my highest endorsement. 

“I have worked alongside TJ for years and have seen firsthand the power of what he, the team and training system has and is doing. Making a powerful, positive difference in the lives of others. Remarkable group and program“ Bob Wieland

President Ronald Reagan welcomes and greets P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador Bob Wieland at the White House after Bob walked across America on his arms, President Reagan gave him the official name Bob “Mr. Inspiration“ Wieland!
Bob “Mr. Inspiration“ Wieland.
The man who walked across America on his arms
Former strength Coach for NFL Green Bay Packers.
Four times World Bench Press Champion

Kim Sieg

P2P Fit and Safe Training expert

Officer Kim has proudly served in law enforcement for 18 years. Her duties included patrol, police explorer adviser, bike patrol, and her current assignment as a school resource officer. Officer Kim loves working with the youth in her community and has taken on the responsibility of P2P Safe Kids program in her school. Her love of working out and watching kids enjoy the same keeps her motivated to make a difference in how youth perceive police officers. “It’s not every day you get to interact with students but your interaction can leave a lifelong impression that officers are real people who truly care about their community”.

Michael Miller

President, Lasting Foundation Clothing Company

The P2P fitness and training system is a revolutionary training program.  Not only is its low impact training system ideal for kids, adults, and seniors, but the training program is also designed to bring diverse groups of individuals together that will create training and accountability partners amongst friends and strangers.

The P2P fitness and training system is endorsed and used by some of the most elite professional athletes and trainers in the NFL, NHL, MMA and MLB.  In addition, the P2P fitness and training system is endorsed by many Swat Commanders and Police officers.

Anyone interested in improving their mind as well as their body will benefit tremendously from the P2P fitness and training system.

Sergeant Jason Winner

Jason Winner is truly an officer that leads by example. He graduated top of his class in the Police Academy, earning the highest
G.P.A. and top overall score. Jason has taught for the State Academy as well as a regional Tier 1 SWAT team where he currently serves as an assistant team leader. Jason, veteran of law enforcement for over 10 years,  graduated from the University of San Diego with a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership.

Recently Jason helped design and launch the "Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap" workout and training program. Using the P2P Fit and Safe Program officers workout alongside students every week to build relationships and mentor students. All while creating positive interactions with police. Jason, a strong family and community man, is fully committed to helping create and maintain safer students, schools, and communities. 

Safer Schools Foundation 

P2P Fit and Safe Proudly In Partnership With Safer Schools Foundation

Safer Schools Foundation mission is to ensure that EVERY child in EVERY school and community is safe and valued. 
P2P Fit and Safe is honored to partner with Safer Schools Foundation to help assist and ensure that every school has the opportunity to experience, learn and take part in P2P Fit and Safe Training or Seminar.

To make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation to help get P2P Fit and Safe Training Program into all schools Contact: EDF Manuel Gutierez

In partnership with Safer Schools Foundation www.saferschoolsfoundation.org




P2P Fit and Safe strongly believes in helping others.

We are fully committed to donating the first 11% of every net dollar to help families of Fallen First Responders and aid in alleviating childhood hunger and suffering.  

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