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"We strive to ensure that the safety and well being of our students, schools, and communities will remain our top priority - they are the product of the future, therefore the nation's most important investment now."

Chief David Ogden

P2P Fit and Safe - Safety, security and situational  awareness systems founder

David Ogden has been in law enforcement for 30 years and is currently the chief of police for the Windemere police department in Florida. Chief Ogden spent 14 years as a member of SWAT and led a regional agency that provided intelligence to policymakers. He is a lifelong advocate, instructor, and student of developing leadership initiatives in the law-enforcement profession.

Chief Ogden has been a martial artist for 30 years. He believes in tactical self-defense and has integrated his unique background of mental preparation for critical encounters, law-enforcement defensive tactics, and martial arts skills into a complete self-defense system. Chief Ogden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. He resides in Florida with his family. LEARN MORE ABOUT CHIEF OGDEN

Feb. 11. 2019

"Remembering DS Scott Pine, on this day five years ago he gave the ultimate sacrifice as he was murdered in the line of duty. Scott was a man of God, dedicated father, husband and sacrificed for the citizens safety. Three years ago we placed the 

P2P Fit and Safe Training System in our local YMCA in remembrance and honor. Today I remembered him and trained with Scott talking with our Father. Scotts favorite verse was Matthew 5:16

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and Glorify your Father in heaven."


P2P Fit and Safe Program Director

Master Instructor – Program Director for Fitness and Nutrition

Daniel is a former Veteran Law Enforcement and Corrections Officer with 30 years experience in the fields of Sports Medicine and Performance Training. Daniel has trained Professional, Collegiate and Scholastic Athletes as well as First Responders in self-defense fitness as well as having them achieve their Fitness and Wellness goals. Daniel has authored and instructed courses and classes for The Crusader EBC® as well as his personal programs and research for Romulus Fitness Systems®. Daniel has a passion for helping people overcome the debilitating effects of stress and PTSD and is pioneering his approach to interval training for the relief of diseases associated with psychological distress. Daniel holds numerous certifications and specializations in Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition. LEARN MORE ABOUT DANIEL

“As a Law Enforcement Veteran, I have seen many programs and people come and go. I can honestly say that it is so refreshing and uplifting to watch and train with Tj and this group. They do what they do with a passion to help and guide the youth and have a positive impact in communities. If you are looking for a person or group that is having a very powerful and positive impact on the youth and communities of this nation, look no further, you found them."

Program Director dl@p2pfitandsafe.com

Sgt. Winner

Jason Winner leads by example. He graduated top of his class in the Police Academy. Jason taught for the State Academy as well as a regional Tier 1 SWAT team where he currently serves as an assistant team leader. Jason, a detective since 2015, graduated from the University of San Diego with a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership.

Jason helped design and launch the “Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap“ workout and training program at a local high school using the P2P Fit and Safe Program. Officers workout alongside students every week to build relationships and mentor students creating positive interactions with police. Jason is a strong family and community man who is fully committed to helping to create and maintain safer students, schools, and communities. 

 “Working with TJ and Trex at our local high school was an inspiration.   Their drive and passion to reach kids and make a positive impact was obvious.  They made the event fun and set the stage for cops and kids bridging the gap to be a weekly event!“

Sergeant Winner  

June 4th, 1969 - Lost both legs in the Vietnam War
4-time world record holder in the bench press - 507 lbs.
1982-1986 walked across America on his arms in 3 years 8 months and 6 days.
1990-1991 former strength and motivation coach, Green Bay Packers
1994 People Magazine one of “Six Most Amazing Americans”’- 
1995 “Most Courageous Man in America” “National Award for Courage” by the NFLPA with the Jim Thorpe Foundation.
Competed in the New York City, Los Angeles, Nad Marine Corps marathons 
Only double amputee to complete the Ironman triathlon without a wheelchair
2001, Vietnam Veteran Foundation “Man of the Year’
2005, named one of the “Top 100 Sports Stories of the Past 100 Years” LA Herald Examiner
2011-2013 Journeyed 3,100 mile hand bike across America and back
2015 Recognized as a Star on Flag for Hope, honoring flag and country

Bob Wieland Banner
Bob “Mr. Inspiration” Wieland

American Hero - P2P Ambassador, Motivational Speaker,

As the former strength coach of the NFL Green Bay Packers, I know what works and what doesn’t. I wish I would have had access to this when I was with the Packers. From teaching and showing our youth how important they are, to building self-esteem and team camaraderie. I can not describe the power of the 15 week physical mental and character building program when this is done alongside all that the P2P Program offers, you have a program to ignite students schools and communities in a very powerful and positive way. I give P2P Fit and Safe my highest endorsement. 

President Ronald Reagan welcomes and greets P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador Bob Wieland at the White House after Bob walked across America on his arms , President Reagan gave him the official name Bob “ Mr. Inspiration “ Wieland !
Travis Smith

P2P Fit and Safe Certified Training Specialist. ISSA Certified personal trainer. Plyometric/ HIIT and Athletic Trainer. Nutrition Trainer.

Travis “T-Rex” Smith is a highly motivated and enthusiastic trainer and avid outdoorsman. A husband and father, Travis takes great pride in helping others to reach their goals. He challenges and motivates others to push out of their comfort zones and overcome obstacles that were thought to be insurmountable.

T-Rex has a commitment to health and wellness and helping others to create healthier students, schools, and communities!

“TJ and P2P Fit and Safe are genuine, kind-hearted, selfless individuals whose character radiates above and beyond to help others!
I have been honored to work with and train with a team that is putting good morals, values, and integrity back into society.

Travis “Trex“ Smith
P2P Fit and Safe Trainer

Kim Sieg

P2P Fit and Safe Training expert

Officer Kim has proudly served in law enforcement for 18 years. Her duties included patrol, police explorer adviser, bike patrol, and her current assignment as a school resource officer. Officer Kim loves working with the youth in her community and has taken on the responsibility of P2P Safe Kids program in her school. Her love of working out and watching kids enjoy the same keeps her motivated to make a difference in how youth perceive police officers. “It’s not every day you get to interact with students but your interaction can leave a lifelong impression that officers are real people who truly care about their community”.


Uzor Onwordi

Founder of American Fitness Specialist and Y.E.S., 22 years of experience in athletic and fitness performance. 5 years NBC Channel 12 Fitness Expert. Trainer to Super Bowl Champion, World Series Champion, 2012 Miss Phoenix, Multiple High School Top Football Players for 4 years.

Mark Coleman, UFC Hall of Famer, UFC Heavyweight Champion, United States Olympic Wrestler

I wish I had the opportunity to train on this equipment earlier in my career. At first glance this looked as basic as it comes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It provides both a full body muscular as well as an incredible cardio workout all in one and it's done in a hard 24 minutes. I love the team aspect of this training system, motivating and encouraging each other is very powerful. This program will make you stronger both mentally and physically. From athletes of every level of play to any human being looking to achieve their absolute very best, I can honestly tell you there is not a better system out there. This system is simply awesome.



P2P Fit and Safe Training expert

T.J. has decades of experience as a trainer and has trained and advised athletes of all levels, including Olympic, Pro, collegiate and high school. T.J. has trained countless first responders including Swat teams, law enforcement officers, and firefighters. T.J. is passionate about the health, safety, and security of our students, schools, and communities.


To learn more on how to get started on this powerful program email  tj@p2pfitandsafe.com

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