To get faster, athletes need to perform speed training twice a week in the off-season. An ideal schedule would be to lift on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and perform speed training on Tuesday and Thursday. Here are seven ways to increase speed:


"Lifting and conditioning for nearly 12 weeks in the summer helped our team make great strides in speed and strength."

Matt Gilmer
Class of 2007
Holy Family High School, 2005 State Champions, Football
Broomfield, Colorado

One of the keys to the BFS Speed Training program is the BFS Sprint Technique System. The system consists of the following eight techniques that should be emphasized during sprinting:

  • Your head should be upright

  • Your eyes should be fixed, looking straight ahead

  • Your toes should point straight ahead

  • Your back should be upright and slightly arched

  • Your shoulders should rotate vigorously, with the elbows fixed at 90 degree angles

  • Your wrists should stimulate a whip action as the shoulders rotate back

  • Your feet should make the initial plant directly under the hips, not out in front of the body

  • Your forward leg should initially lift forward, not up. The lower leg should hang before planting with the foot and toes up. Your back knee should extend fully on the follow-through, or end-of-the-leg drive