The BFS Speed Primer

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Put your strength to use on the field of play!

Gaining SPEED is one of the main objectives in athletic development. At BFS we have 3 Favorite Auxiliaries that we add to the core lifts to increase SPEED as well as 2 Critical flexibility exercises. Check out this video and then get more details on each Auxiliary in the videos below: 

To get faster, athletes need to perform speed training twice a week in the off-season. An ideal schedule would be to lift on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and perform speed training on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Here are ways to increase speed:

10 Sprints per workout, varying from 10 to 50 yards. Time your sprints twice per month. Flexibility training six times a week. 

Parallel squat and power clean. Straight-leg dead lift. Download the BFS 1,2,3,4 flexibility program

Stretching For Speed!

The Glute Hame Developer

Auxilliaries for Speed

 Thanks for watching! - the BFS Team

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